We’re Eli-going places: Eligo’s Annual Growth Meeting 2022

We’re Eli-going places: Eligo’s Annual Growth Meeting 2022

Back to Life at Eligo Insights

Last Friday we all met up in central London for our first-ever company-wide AGM, Annual Growth Meeting. Not only was it a chance to talk about the growth and success of the last year but also a great opportunity to celebrate the growth of the Eligo staff.

With most of the company working from home or hybrid working in the office, it also gave them a chance to re-connect and meet in person some new faces that have been a part of the business for over a year.

Friday was also a great opportunity for us to look ahead and introduce our growth plans which included expanding our markets into different sectors and to more international locations.

Check out some of the highlights below...

A couple of other things we covered at Eligo’s very first Annual Growth Meeting…


Celebrating Business Growth

People smiling and socialising at Eligo's AGM

It’s been a tough 2 years for the recruitment market but thanks to the hard work and resilience of our recruiters and central staff (this time 2 years ago, many were on furlough) we kept going, and there has been a strong and consistent performance over the past 12 months. Aside from a focus on the excellent growth & hard work from all during a rocky two years in the industry, the management team also shared their exciting plans for the next 5 years at Eligo.



Celebrating Eligo Employees

This is a big one for us, as our employees are at the heart of the business. We know that everything we do depends on happy & motivated employees and hard work deserves celebrating!


We recognised some well-deserved recent promotions across our International, Tech Midlands, and Central Function teams.


eligo employees being presented with bottles for promotions


200k & £1Million billers

We recently launched our Eligo Hall of Fame, which recognises consultants who have billed over 200k in a year and those who also hit £1million of billings. We currently have 8 billers in the hall of fame and can’t wait to see more consultants up on the wall!

Eligo employees being presented with awards

10 Year anniversaries 

With the business being over 20 years, we're proud to celebrate long-standing employees who have grown with us for over half of that. To say celebrate and say thanks, we presented Rick & Anne with their very own team shirts & prize activity of their choosing.

Employees being presented with 10 year anniversary gifts


E-league-O tournament

We like to run regular activity-based incentives to keep the team motivated and it’s a real hit for those who are uber-competitive. Activity across the board was high, but only 3 made the top spots to win a choice of prizes! (Which included things such as a helicopter ride, overnight stay abroad, spa treatments, and car driving experience to name a few!)


awards being presented awards


Re-launching our values

Values matter; they're the fabric that binds the way we hire, we operate, and we work. Quite literally, we started Eligo because of them. When it came to condensing these into statements, we wanted the words to reflect not only who we are but exactly what our clients and candidates should expect from working with us.


In true easter treasure hunt style we hid letters that make up our 4 key values attached to mini chocolate eggs around the room, the team had to find them and then put the words together above the statement it represents. Aside from being a great way to stretch our legs and earn some easter chocolate, it introduced the new values we want our business and employees to utilise, in the way they work as consultants but also for their own career growth.

Benefits and Rewards (+ our annual incentive is back!)


eligo employees at our agm

As well as a re-launch of our values, we also wanted to re-evaluate our benefits offering and re-introduce these to existing and new members of staff.


This included.... (how much do we want to mention?)


Our rewards also extend to our annual incentive based on company & personal performance. When we hit 100% of company annual target, we will take everyone who has also hit 100% of their annual personal target to an exciting location to enjoy a few days off to toast our achievements for the year.


Dependent on company performance it may be a long-haul trip to somewhere far-flung and exotic or a European getaway to take in Sun, Sea, or snow! These trips have always been a highlight of our year and we can’t wait for our next one to either Ibiza or the Caribbean! (dependant on company performance)