A love letter to recruitment…

A love letter to recruitment…

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Roses are red, violets aren’t blue, and recruitment is that relationship looked down upon by those surrounding you.

Yep, recruitment sometimes doesn’t have the best rap having gained a reputation from a select few as an industry that plays fast and loose, often doing no more than sending across a CV and bombarding the phone with calls. If we were casting industries for a Jane Austen novel, it’s unlikely recruitment would be chosen to play Mr Darcy.

For those that love what they do in recruitment, however, it’s an unfair reputation and often people don’t understand the efforts and highs and lows that go into the job every day. As such we’re abandoning the cheesy poems and asked some of the team here at Eligo what it was that they love about recruitment. From genuine joy to sarcasm highlighting the pitfalls of working in a people-centric market here’s what they said.


We asked a number of our team what they love about recruitment, so here's our love letter (of sorts) to recruitment. 


“I love building relationships with clients who trust me, value my service and genuinely turn to me for help. Being talked through a business strategy and how I can help that company achieve their goals through a structured recruitment plan is exciting, challenging and rewarding when together we reach the end result.”


“Networking is one of my favourite parts of recruitment and due to being in such a niche industry it’s great to go to places and be recognised; it’s important to put faces to names sometimes so you become more than just a voice on the phone. Networking drinks are always fun, sometimes with some embarrassing but funny stories to tell the next day!”


“It’s not all glitz and glamour and there are many challenges and let downs that we have to face, but the most important thing not only for yourself and your company but to your clients and candidates is how you work through it, stay focussed and overcome those obstacles in a professional manner.”


“I love the fact that people never fail to surprise you – no really I do really love it!”


“I love that I work with candidates who are senior with most having degrees including Masters and PHDs, however when it comes to finding an office right outside a station they crumble and roll up to the interview late”


“Being in control of your own destiny financially can be daunting, but is so motivating. Knowing that the harder and smarter you work, the more you will earn is enough to keep going even when the times get tough!”


“I love the fast pace environment, every call and email is different so my day is always full of surprise”


“Working in recruitment is rather like riding a rollercoaster on a daily basis – plenty of highs but sometimes these can be swiftly followed by a low and you have to keep your nerve and focus on it being alright in the end! Oh and tomorrow’s another day to ride it again!”


“I love getting creative in order to attract the best candidates. Whether it’s by writing an out-of-the-box job ad or conversing with my network to get introduced to the right people, every day can be a new and different challenge which you can approach in a number of different ways”


“I love the rare moments when the whole process goes smoothly and falls into place; from getting the role to spending a great deal of effort to find the right candidate. They’ll be a real golden nugget, a needle in a haystack. They’ll fall in love with the role too and they’ll go over and interview and everything will go amazing. Of course, usually either the candidates partner will put a stop to the move or we’ll find out they spoke to a different agency a couple of years back that happen to have candidate ownership


“I love the fact that you effectively run your own business, build your own network and succeed based on your own abilities and strengths”


“I genuinely love some of the excuses you hear for people not turning up to interviews. It’s a wonder that driving to interviews hasn’t been banned yet with the amount of car accidents that happen!”


“I enjoy the relationship building and the satisfaction you get from clients who view you as the best at what you do and you assist them in growing their business or making their team or company successful.”


“I enjoy getting to know and following candidate careers over a long period of time and again their pleasure in finding a recruiter who is a specialist in their field who understands them and doesn’t try to put them forward for roles that aren’t right for them.”


We believe that part of the reason we’re so successful at Eligo is because everyone here genuinely loves what they do and does it with integrity, quality, and passion every day. If you’d like to speak to us more about the process behind our recruitment, how we can help you recruit for you next role, or if you’d like to fall in love with recruitment here too, please don’t hesitate to get in touch