RickTalks: YAPC::EU and the Perl Jobs Market (Video)

RickTalks: YAPC::EU and the Perl Jobs Market (Video)

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Last month I spoke at this year’s YAPC::EU, held in Cluj Napoca, on the subject of “How’s the Perl Jobs market?” The topic of Perl Jobs and the Perl Jobs Market is one that is always on the minds of many people, particularly with recent events such as Brexit.

Those who attended YAPC::EU will have seen my brief overview of the Perl jobs market and how it’s currently looking. For those that didn’t attend YAPC::EU, or missed my talk you can watch a video of the talk below which answers a number of questions many Perl job seekers are asking;

Are there still Perl Jobs?

What form to they take?

Where in the world are they?

What’s the money like?

How do we apply for the right role?

I also cover tailoring your C.V. to Perl jobs and what else can set you apart from the competition…

Whether you’re a senior developer who has been working for 10-15 years or a Perl Developer in your spare time now looking to move into a commercial environment there is a Perl job out there for you.

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