Eligo Summer Social 2021

Eligo Summer Social 2021

Back to Life at Eligo Insights

On Friday it was Eligo’s Summer Party in the park and our first in-person Eligo social gathering for a very long time!


The day was filled with drinks, food, fun, and games and with many of the team not having seen each other for over a year,  one big catchup was well overdue!



We also had first-time face-to-face meetings too, not having met our new eligoid's who had joined in the past year.

It was a great chance to get to know each other offline and in person!


You can’t beat good old human connection and some London sunshine!

You can head over to our Instagram - @eligorecruitment for some more highlights of the day!




We love socials!

At Eligo we run two big socials a year, (Summer and Christmas) alongside other incentives and trips throughout the year. Our previous incentives and group social activities have included mini golf, go-karting, cocktail making, karaoke - accompanied by some great food and drink! 

For more information about incentives and other great benefits visit our Life at Eligo page.

What's your normal?

We've all been looking to get back to normal life, but what does that mean for you?

Spending an extra 2 hours a day packed like tinned sardines to get to your desk?  Worrying about who's going to be able to collect the kids from school? Another day spent trying to secure a big account with no support?  

Who'd want to return to that?

Our emphasis has always been on the support you receive.  Whether it's a dedicated marketing team to help improve your personal brand, or the addition of a resourcer to your team as you seek bigger targets. 

We want to make sure that this support extends to all areas of your life with things that we feel should just be normal.

So we're introducing the Eligo 'new normal' - a range of new policies, commitments, and rewards for our staff to experience as a normal part of their job.

From hybrid flexible working meaning,  you can work from home, our HQ, or a range of co-working spaces through to a £250 make your home fund for employees to contribute towards making their workspace wherever they choose, we'll be rolling out these policies in the near future for all current and future staff. 

Interested in finding your new normal? Contact us about joining Eligo.