Your guide to the Android Contract Jobs Market

Your guide to the Android Contract Jobs Market

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Have you ever thought about taking your Android skills to the Android contract jobs market or are you looking to grow within it?

Going contract can offer benefits from increased pay and flexible hours to being your own boss and having a greater sense of freedom.

If you’re a full-time Android Developer who is new to the contract market, however, you may find it somewhat of an alien concept. As such we’ve put together a brief guide to the Android contract jobs market to provide you with insight into where you can find android contract roles, the earning potential of android contract job opportunities, and what employers are looking for in a candidate.


Where are the roles?

So you’re looking to take a move into the Android contract jobs market but wondering what types of companies are looking and where they are?

There are two types of companies that usually hire contract Android Developers. These can be differentiated based on whether they’re an “agency” or “product” company. Agencies are client-driven and cover strategies for marketing, advertising, and branding, whereas product companies look for Android Developers to build their apps in-house for commercial or functional purposes.

Android contract jobs can be found within businesses across the country and if you’re looking for contract work outside of the UK, some of the best digital agencies in Europe also have a requirement for contract developers.

When it comes to product companies, you can expect to find Android Contract jobs in start-ups, eHealth, data science, mobile money, payment companies, and more. I have found that there is a really high demand from organisations that have no real IT presence but recognise that in today’s world, they need an Android app to help them push forward as a successful businesses.


Day Rate: What can you earn?

As with any contract job, the day rate in the Android market depends on the individual circumstances of the client, the skill level, and the experience of the contractor as well as the project at hand. I don’t believe in blanket rates or “rate cards” across the industry.

That being said, you will find a variation in payment across the different types of companies that hire Android contract developers:

  • Financial services always tend to pay a premium for Android Developers.
  • Product companies will gauge pay on what they can effectively ‘get’ for their money.
  • Digital Agencies' pay will be dependent on the budget given by their client.
  • Start-ups will often pay depending on the investment they’ve got.


What are employers and hiring managers looking for?

Hiring Managers are looking for contract developers with skills primarily in Android, as well as experience in being able to conquer the ‘concept to delivery’ lifecycle and hold responsibility for the back & front end of an Android app.

It’s also beneficial to get exposure to other technologies, the app builds, and industries, and if you’re an Android Developer with Full Stack skills under your belt, then you will have many more options when it comes to finding your next Android Contract job. Contract hiring managers also love Android Developers that do their own testing!


So you want to get into the contract jobs market, but don’t know how?

Finding contract jobs often requires a lot of leg work and many roles are required at short notice. To increase your chances of successfully finding a role that works for you it is beneficial to build connections and tailor your C.V towards the contract market.

If you need help getting started in the Android contract market, there are many benefits of using a recruiter to find your next contract developer role, from getting you noticed to increasing your opportunities with market knowledge and contacts.

If you would like to talk about your Android Contract Developer career or the current contract developer roles we have available, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on the usual;


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