5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter to Secure Your Next Developer Contract Role

5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter to Secure Your Next Developer Contract Role

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The life of a developer contractor comes with superior earning potential than that of a permanent employee, and other perks such as flexible hours, and being your own boss. These benefits often compensate for the potential negatives, namely, the lack of a regular stable income, and job security.

Whilst some contractors develop excellent relationships with specific clients, the uncertainty about where the next contract developer opportunity is coming from often remains. One way to counter this is to use a contract developer recruiter, which not only can ensure that you are able to pick up contract opportunities steadily but also brings a range of benefits with it. We've highlighted 5 of the benefits of working in partnership with an IT contract recruiter for your next developer contract role below.



Top 5 Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Secure Developer Contract Roles



Getting noticed - let someone else do the leg work for you

Have you ever applied directly to a role and wondered what happened to your application without being contacted? It may be that you have tried speaking to the wrong person and even if you have spoken to the correct contact, you may feel too pushy to follow up on it. Contract recruiters know the companies that fit your experience and requirements and know the right people to put your CV in front of. It is also in our interest to ensure that any application is followed up on, ensuring that appropriate feedback is always provided, whilst further seeking to help you elsewhere if you’re unsuccessful.


Market knowledge and contacts - increase your opportunities

As contract recruiters, we have spent years building excellent relationships with companies that require developers, and often many companies, particularly the larger ones, will only hire directly through a trusted recruitment agency. Contract recruiters have an excellent insight into the current market for developer contractors and which skills are required and where. We can give you this information and open doors to jobs you may not ever have had access to otherwise.


Negotiation - Get the best rates!

We need to talk about contract recruitment. There is an opinion amongst some that contract recruiters will try to achieve the highest markup on your rate, making as much money as possible from you, whilst leaving you worse off in terms of pay rate. This is not the case, particularly in the world of digital and technology where 3rd parties involved include internal recruitment, HR, Finance, and so on. Contract recruitment in the 21st century is a lot more transparent than times gone by, with mark-up percentages agreed upon beforehand, meaning the more money you receive, the more we do, so who is better to negotiate on your behalf?


Payment / Payroll - get paid on time, every time

Credit control and payroll are one of the most difficult aspects of self-employment to manage. As a direct contractor, you are at the mercy of the client as to when you get paid, however using a contract recruiter takes the risk out of this, with payment terms set up meaning that you are paid regardless, on time, every time. This is particularly relevant in today’s market where the upsurge in start-ups and the volatility of business means that protection is ever more important.


Compliance and Admin - Someone's got to do it

Again, the pitfalls of self-employment strike, particularly when it comes to administration and compliance. A contract recruiter takes care of all these worries for you, creating a compliance pack, fulfilling all client requirements in terms of eligibility to work, and handling the administration surrounding contracts, payment, and more. Forget the stress and concentrate on completing the work!


If you’d like to have a discussion about your developer contract career, or the current developer contractor roles available get in touch with us at hello@eligo.co.uk




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