Your ticket to a standout events CV + free CV template

Your ticket to a standout events CV + free CV template

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With restrictions being lifted back in June and many events returning this year, the event industry is bouncing back from its lows when the pandemic first hit.

Live and virtual events are gaining momentum and with the announcement of a live events insurance scheme too, more companies within the industry will be looking for event professionals to fill the gaps post covid, and the competition is high and vast.

Studies show that employers will typically spend between 30 seconds and 2 minutes making a judgment of a CV. This means as an event professional, your CV will need to grab the attention of the hiring manager instantly whilst effectively displaying your experience and skills in the market.

So, what things should you consider when creating your standout CV to secure a job in the events industry?


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Style and formatting

A standout CV should look crisp and clear not only to be aesthetically pleasing but easy to follow, with a structure that is logical and easy to read. The visual look of the CV is important and that also includes language, tone, and punctuation.

Top tip: Ensure you tailor the style to the job and events company you wish to apply for.



Your CV needs to have a logical structure, we recommend that you start with your most recent experience and work backward including all or some of the below:

  • Personal Profile / Personal Objective
  • Most Recent position – Job title, Company, Company Description, or their Website & dates of employment
  • Description of the current role including, responsibilities, key facts & achievements
  • Detail all further work history – as above
  • Relevant Qualifications
  • Education
  • Training attended
  • Skills and interests


Training and qualifications are key in the events industry and can also set you apart from the competition if you have certain training over another applicant. If your training is outdated, think about rectifying that, and letting the hiring manager know during the interview any training you are planning to do or would like to complete to help you further in your career and the role at their company.


Quantify achievements

You know that working in the events and marketing industry metrics and quantified achievements are important.

So, including these quantified metrics that you’ve achieved in your earlier roles, will really go a long way in helping your CV to stand out from all the other applicants.

How many events have you organised? What countries, delegate average, how much have you impacted budget forecasting? Have you been involved in event strategy?



Once you’ve added all the key elements to your Standout events CV – there are 5 key things to remember to do.

  • Proofread and check the spelling and grammar
  • Make it painless and easy to read – use bold for headings and titles, a list with bullet points and keep to the same font
  • Include key achievements
  • Make the CV specific to the role you are applying for – use keywords from the job description
  • Match your CV to your LinkedIn profile.


Top Tip:

Before you consider sending your CV to anyone or taking it with you to an interview, make sure that you know your CV inside out including the key facts that you have included. It’s surprising how many people will quote different dates/facts/figures to those detailed on their CV!


Download your free CV template

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