4 ways to Make your Developer CV Stand Out: Free CV Template

4 ways to Make your Developer CV Stand Out: Free CV Template

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It only takes hiring managers 6 seconds to review a CV application, so how can you make sure your CV makes a good first impression? – Follow these 4 ways to make your developer CV stand out and download your free developer CV template. 

Through your CV you are giving the hiring manager a brief impression of who you are. This is achieved by adding a personal touch to your CV without going overboard and by simply adding just a few elements that present your experience and interest in tech in the right light.

Sure, you can Google; “Developer CV template” and there will be a mass amount of advice for how to write a CV, formatting and what mandatory sections need to be included. However, while there is a great amount of help for the construction of a CV there is less advice for how to make your developer CV a true reflection of you and your career.

So, if you want to make sure you create a great first impression, follow these steps to make your developer CV standout to hiring managers.


Download your free developer CV template here 


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Important keywords are the crux of any developer CV, this is because in the short space of time that a hiring manager reviews your CV they scan for important keywords that pop out such as coding languages, stacks and tools.

When it comes to listing your technical skills, less is more! Most developers might have a long list of technical skills under their belt, but when it comes down to it you are better off listing just a few of your most important skills and giving examples of where and when you have used them.


Link to your website / online portfolio

Including your website link on your CV is a great way to expand on your personal profile including qualifications, projects you have worked on, and even a blog. The humble blog is underestimated when it comes to adding value to your professional profile and is a great way to write about current events and topics related to the industry.

It may seem like a minor change to add to your C.V but it can make a big impact in helping your developer CV stand out to hiring managers. Just make sure your website is up to date and relevant to the role you’re applying for!


Outside Projects

Projects you have worked on outside of your current work can be a vital element to make your developer CV stand out; from building websites, apps or committing code in your spare time, all demonstrate your range as a developer as well as the ability to grow your skill. However, this could all fall flat if you simply put a list of random projects on your CV and to really stand out an outside project should demonstrate expertise relating to the role you’re applying to.

A great way to present and describe your side projects is through the C.A.R approach; Challenge, Actions and Results – a simple framework to effectively summarise your achievements in short sections.


Demonstrate a passion for tech

One thing hiring managers always look for on a CV is evidence of initiative and passion, both your personal profile and side projects can work as a great portfolio of independent work that showcases that you genuinely enjoy what you do.

The key is – show your passion for tech and show off your projects in the process.

Are you involved in the tech community in some way? Do you attend tech meetups? Include this on your CV, not only does it demonstrate your passion for tech but it also shows you are eager to learn and develop.


Follow these 4 ways to make your developer CV stand out from the competition and

Download your developer CV template here.


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