Top tips to master the video interview

Top tips to master the video interview

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It’s a crazy and unpredictable time we’re going through, and with many people and businesses being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. We are trying to support all of our candidates and clients as best we can.

With a drastic cut on face-to-face interviews due to Coronavirus, recruiters and clients are turning to online video platforms to conduct their interviews.

During these trying times, it’s important to stay connected and keep going despite the challenges. Video interviews are one of the best ways of doing this!

If you’ve got an interview video coming up, we’ve got you covered with some simple tips so you can master the video interview.



Create the right environment

Before you start your video interview, make sure you are in a space where you won’t be interrupted, with no outside background noise. The interviewer should only be able to hear from you.

Top Tip: You should also be aware of what the video is capturing, check that your background is clear with no distractions or a cluttered room behind you.



Camera, Lights… Action!

There are a few elements you need to make sure of after you’ve chosen the right environment for your video interview.

Lighting! Can you be seen clearly with no lights casting shadows over your face?

Top Tip: If you can, sit facing a natural light source such as a window or aim to have lights behind and to the left and right of you. 

Top Tip: You’ll also want to check the position of your camera. Are your face and shoulders in full view? Make sure the camera is the right height.



Eye Contact

It can be hard to know where to look during a video call, so during the interview be sure to keep eye contact with the camera. It will then look like you are looking directly at the interviewer.

Top Tip: Always angle the camera at eye level, not above or below. You don’t want the camera looking down on you or up your nose.



Body Language

Your body language can say a lot about you, even via a video interview. Remember you are presenting an image of yourself as soon as you turn on the camera.

Top Tip: Be aware of your body language throughout the interview, have good posture and relax your shoulders.

Appear pleasant and switched on throughout the interview, you want to leave a positive impression with the interviewer.



Dress for success

Even though you won’t be meeting your interviewer in person, you still need to dress accordingly.

First impressions ALWAYS count, whether that’s face to face or over a laptop connection.

Top Tip: Feel free to wear your fluffy slippers, but make sure that whatever is in view of the camera during your video interview is appropriate.



Practice on camera

If you are not used to talking on camera you may feel self-conscious about the prospect of a video interview.

Top Tip: Ask someone you know to help you do a mock interview by asking you questions via video. This will help to reduce the nerves and give you extra practice to get your eye contact and expected answers right.



Use notes

A key benefit of video interviews is that you can glance at some notes if you are struggling with questions at any point.

Top Tip: keep a few post-it notes or a copy of your CV nearby, but try not to look at them too often and make sure your eye contact always returns to the camera.



Relax, Don't Panic

Perhaps you're not used to being on camera and you're feeling slightly more nervous than usual.

Being on camera doesn't change anything and once you're over the invisible barrier, speaking via video will come naturally.

Top Tip: Try not to overthink it, treat it like a normal interview.



If you follow all these tips to mastering the video interview, all that's left is to impress the interviewer by being yourself!

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