Top 10 cities to find a job in right now

Top 10 cities to find a job in right now

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The post-summer blues and impending cold weather can leave many professionals facing a slump. As a result, now is often a popular time of year for workers to reignite their job search and consider a career change.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news! The latest data from CV-Library reveals that the number of advertised jobs increased by 5.1% last month. So, now is the perfect time to change things up with a new role.

If you’re looking for your next opportunity, check out our guide of the 10 top cities for finding a job right now.


1.    Glasgow

First on our list, with jobs up by a staggering 23.2%, is Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow. There’s a range of key industries to find work in here, especially if you’re looking for a role in engineering or the financial sector. But even better, salaries rose by 4% last month in this city, making it perfect for those that are looking for a pay rise this month.

2.     Liverpool

This northern city earns second place on our list, with jobs up by 13.3% in September. Sectors such as manufacturing are booming in this city, with the industry alone employing 50,000 people in Liverpool. What’s more, the city is home to a number of big name companies, such as Very and Jaguar.

3.     Edinburgh

Shortly after Liverpool is Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, with an increase in jobs of 13.1%. The city also saw salaries rise by 11.8% in September, making now a great time to land a new opportunity with a higher pay packet. The city is known for its strong economy, good transport links and interesting history.

4.     Manchester

Fancy living and working in Manchester? Also known as the ‘uncrowned capital of the north’, the city has experienced a 10.5% increase in jobs over the past year. Big names such as the BBC and ITV have bases in this northern city and the manufacturing, sales and finance sectors provide a lot to choose from when it comes to finding a job in this city.

5.     Leeds

If you’re looking for work in Leeds or thinking about making the move, good news – job vacancies are currently up by 10.1%. Finance and business account for over a third (38%) of the key sectors in Leeds’ economy. However, retail, leisure, construction, manufacturing and the creative and digital industries are also important sectors in the city.

6.     London

If you’re looking for work in the south of England, look no further than London. Jobs are up by 8.6% in the capital, as well as salaries increasing by 3.7%. With a vibrant nightlife, great transport links, a number of vast industries and the opportunity to work at the heart of the UK’s economy, London is a great pick for your next role.

7.     Nottingham

This Midlands city is number seven on our list, thanks to its impressive 8.4% increase in jobs this year. That’s alongside a 6.8% growth in average pay, making Nottingham a great option for those in search of a role this autumn.

8.     Cardiff

The Welsh capital also saw an 8.4% increase in jobs last month and is a great pick for finding work in a variety of industries. What’s more, notable companies such as the AA, British Gas, Admiral Insurance and Legal and General all have bases in this city.

9.     Brighton

The southern seaside city makes our list, with a 5.3% growth in jobs. In addition, if you’re looking for the perfect work-life balance, Brighton was declared the ‘happiness capital of the UK’. Industries such as arts, tourism, digital and new media businesses are popular in the city.

10. Bristol

Last but not least is Bristol, with a 5.3% growth in jobs this year. Big industries in this city include tourism, information technology, aerospace and finance. Plus, its great public transport system makes it the ideal location to live and work in.


Ready to find your next job?

With so many exciting opportunities across some of the UK’s key cities, right now is the perfect time to look for your next role – so don’t miss out! Check out what amazing opportunities these locations have to offer you. View our current roles here.