Tips for finding Locum nurse work in the Midlands

Tips for finding Locum nurse work in the Midlands

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Whether you are just starting out as a Locum Nurse or an experienced medical contract worker, we’ve got some top tips to ensure you make the most of Locum Nurse opportunities within the midlands and secure the bookings you want.

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Decide what work you are looking for

When working with an agency be clear about what locum Nurse work in the midlands you can do, such as the number of sessions a week, what location in the Midlands and how far you are willing to travel.

Think about the types of workplaces in the midlands you want to work in, such as local surgeries, OOH, walk-in centres, Prisons or in the community. 


Prepare your relevant documents

Keep all your career documents including your CV, and personal and work profiles up to date and professional.

Poor presentation on these, any unexplained gaps in your locum Nurse work history or missing qualifications or certifications might result in you not being considered for work.

Also, make sure all these documents are up to date and keep all certifications hard and electronic format for future reference.

At Eligo we will create a personal Locum work accreditation pack for locum nurses in the midlands, so you are ready to start sessions as soon as possible. Click here to upload your CV.


Be flexible and compliant

Being flexible is essential when working as a locum Nurse. It will help recruitment consultants find you work easily if they know you are able to pick up shifts at short notice, or if you are willing to work bank holidays. To ensure this, you need to be fully compliant with annual certifications and disclosures up to date. 


Stay organised

Working as a locum nurse in the midlands means shifts could arise or cancel at any time, which means staying organised is key. Manage your diary carefully and be sure to include all your locum sessions in there as soon as they are agreed upon.

Let your consultant know in advance of any issues with your session booking, or any problems that arise as soon as possible to make sure you can secure locum nurse work in the midlands in future.


Do your research

When you have decided what types of places you would like to do your locum Nurse shifts in the Midlands, it’s always recommended to do some brief research. Find out the location, how long will it take you to get there?


Be prepared

Always allow plenty of time to get to your session and have the surgery number to call in case of any problems. Failing that always keep your recruitment consultant updated on any problems.

Make a note of who you should report to on arrival and make sure they know when you have arrived.


Meet people and build relationships

Working at different surgery locations across the midlands offers a great opportunity to make new friends and you are more likely to get a good reputation and repeat bookings if you make an effort to build a good rapport with your colleagues.

A good first impression can be the beginning of a long relationship and more nurse locum work being sent your way.


Get help from a recruiter

Let us help you! – a big benefit to working with a leading medical recruitment agency such as Eligo Medical is that we provide a weekly payroll service.

To get paid on time you must submit your signed timesheet on time and be sure to keep your bank details up to date!



Eligo introductory offer!

For all new nurses and doctors across the midlands who fully register with us this month, we are offering;

One extra hour on your first Locum Nurse or GP job timesheet!

You can register via our website here or request an application pack below. 

Locum Nurses are in demand, with Locum Nurse work across a range of excellent primary care providers currently available across the Midlands. As a leading medical recruitment agency, at Eligo Medical we build long term relationships with our Locum Nurses across the midlands to help place them in temporary and contract sessions.

If you would like to see a list of current vacancies for Nurse Locum work across the midlands, click here. If you’ve got any further questions, please get in touch!