Security Engineers: Do you know your value?

Security Engineers: Do you know your value?

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You might have noticed: Security Engineers are in demand. You may have fielded calls from multiple recruiters or you may see other companies paying much more for a role you’re doing for less at yours; ultimately the market is currently driven by engineers like you.

Recently I wrote an article for companies trying to attract the best security engineers in this market, for the companies that believe that those security engineers should be queuing at the door to work at a company such as theirs. I asked them to consider the same as I’m going to ask you now:

Do you know your own value as a Security Engineer?

Your value as a quality security engineer should not be underestimated, and it comes down to more than just the numbers written on your pay cheque at the end of each month. When choosing a role, or evaluating your own it’s important to take considerations such as additional benefits, culture, and opportunity, as well as your salary, however, that’s where I’ll start.


It may seem an obvious one, but a phrase that is often bandied around is that you are worth, what you are worth, and ultimately this comes down to what employers are willing to pay you. Saying this, however, the market is a candidate-driven one, with mass demand, and mass shortage, so it’s important to know what the industry average is for the security engineer role you currently occupy.

Aside from scrolling through hundreds of job ads, the best way of finding this information is through an industry-wide salary survey. Here, at Eligo Fire & Security, we’ve conducted one across all the employers and candidates we work with this year to put together what the average salary is for positions across the Fire & Security Industry.

Whilst £££ signs ring out for the larger salaries, it’s important to remember there are further selling points and benefits to a role that can more than make up for a slightly smaller salary.

More than just a paycheque

You aren’t just a commodity, and there is much more to enjoying your job and feeling your true value than money. When assessing companies to join and your current value as a whole it’s important to consider additional benefits offered. Question whether you receive, or will receive additions to your package such as;

  • Do you have to use your own tools or does the employer offer these?
  • Are you being offered any other equipment such as a company mobile, laptop, or tablet? What about multi meters?
  • Do you get to choose which company vehicle you are offered? Do you get to use this for your own private use? Does the company offer a fuel allowance or card?
  • Are you provided time off the day after a call out?
  • Is there a company health scheme? Are you offered a pension?
  • Is there a personal development plan in place for you to grow and improve your skill set? Are the costs of training covered by your company?

Each of these additions can massively make a difference to life as a Security Engineer and provide much more benefit than a small addition to your pay cheque.


A Linkedin study recently highlighted the top reasons why employees choose to change their job, and surprisingly salary and a dislike of management didn’t come top. The number one reason why employees were driven to move roles was simply that they didn’t believe there were sufficient opportunities to grow.

I touched on it a little in the additional benefits, however, your personal development and growth should be a priority within your career for both yourself and your employer, given the benefits it can have.

  • Are the opportunities for advancement and growth within your company?
  • Is there a clear structure for progression laid out by the employer?
  • Is the role clearly defined, with specifics about the future of the role and company?
  • Is the company open to utilising new technologies within the business and exposing you to these early on?

Though some are particularly good about it, employers aren’t always entirely honest on the subject of opportunity. Make sure you are able to get a rounded picture by speaking to current and past employees, reading testimonials, visiting sites such as Glassdoor, or consulting someone such as ourselves that truly know the company inside out.

Your value

You spend most of your adult life working; it can often certainly feel like more! It’s important to be able to know your value and ensure you are being treated according to it, especially with the current Security Engineer market as it is. This doesn’t mean jumping straight onto your high horse or demanding the world from every employer or recruiter you speak to, but it does mean assessing the above points and your happiness in your current role.

If you would like to discuss your career or the above points further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to have a chat. You never know what you may be able to achieve.