Internal Recruiter Talks: How to get hired and what takes place during the hiring process

Internal Recruiter Talks: How to get hired and what takes place during the hiring process

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Have you ever wondered what the key stages that take place during a hiring process are, what companies are looking for in a candidate, and ultimately how to get hired?

Last week, Eligo were fortunate to host the internal recruiter from one of Europe’s leading technology groups to answer each of these questions and provide further insight into what goes on inside a major company during the hiring process.

Emphasising key points made in our previous blogs on effective hiring processes to reduce staff turnover and increase the quality of hire as well as how to attract the best candidates , the move into 21st century recruitment was clear throughout. This broadly covers 3 areas of which both candidates and employers can take note;

The Value Proposition and Company Culture

The battle for talent is being fought harder than ever. For employers, this means that the value proposition needs to be clear for candidates. Companies are now turning their attention to culture, opportunities, and environment. Think career development options such as training, support, and the chance to grow in the organisation, extending to working practices such as flexi-hours and telecommuting.

As a candidate the big companies want to know what makes you tick, how you will take to the environment, and what you will bring to further that. During the interview process be sure to talk about what you love, what you loathe, and demonstrate your wider participation within and outside of your field.

Different candidates will always match to different organisations, it is important to find the right fit for the both of you.

Getting Social

The interview isn’t the only stage where an employer will gauge your fit, your participation, and what makes you tick. Don’t underestimate the power of social; employers will check out your online presence.

They are looking at who you interact with, who you follow, who you like, what are you contributing, and are you only participating within a singular field. Employers are looking for a rounded candidate.

We have heard stories of internal recruiters cancelling interviews upon checking out twitter accounts to find some developers are confrontational to the point of bullying. It happens.

Psychometric Testing

Increasingly prevalent in today’s hiring processes, psychometric testing is not something to be scared of. The process which enables employers to understand key personality traits, attitudes, how a candidate will deal with certain situations, and more, can play to your advantage – but be honest!

Today’s employers are looking for what the sporting world calls a utility man (or woman) – a James Milner type, as the internal recruiter put it. They are reliable, able to adapt, and aside from performing excellently in their area can offer something more, whether it be leadership or helping out on another team or another skill.

The three above areas enable employers to find this candidate and are to be welcomed into the hiring process. There are key takeaways in understanding these processes as a candidate which can be used to enhance your job hunt and secure your perfect role.

It was a fascinating talk enabling Eligo, as leading open source technology recruiters, to gain a vital insight for candidates on how to get hired that further enhances our ability to ensure that top developers secure the right roles for themselves and the company they are entering, and further be able to offer expert advice to anyone seeking a job at any large company.

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