How to take charge of your career

How to take charge of your career

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It's obvious that people are hired based on their experience and skills, but the difference in being hired or fired all depends on the individual’s attitude and behaviours to their role and the company.

Your skills and experience can make a big impression in your new role, however, it is usually down to your attitude and approach to your work which makes you stand out from the crowd. The first 3 months of any job are the most important in making a good impression on your employer, and in these first crucial months, it is a great idea to go out of your way to be positive and demonstrate drive, ambition and flexibility to the role. Demonstrating these personality traits alongside a passion and a commitment to the company as well as being a cultural fit are guaranteed to fast-track you in your role.

So it’s now 3 months into your new job and you’ve settled into your role nicely. You’ve established some workplace relationships and your efforts are showing that you are a valuable asset to the company, but what more could you do to succeed and progress in your role? And how can you take charge of your career in the long run


Aim high, set goals

One essential way to succeed is to set some goals to reach and strive for; set big goals such as where you want to be in the next 3/6 or 12 months, or small goals such as organising your priorities of what you want to achieve each day at work. Your employer may already work with you to set your targets for achievement, but by creating your own goals big or small you will constantly improve yourself and demonstrate to your employer your ability for self-development.


Show your hidden talents

You convinced your employer that you’re perfect for the job with your relevant qualifications and previous experience. But now you’ve settled into your role, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your talents and skills that you may have not mentioned on your CV or during the interview. These hidden talents could help you become an indispensable employee from assisting the company to win new business or solving a problem that they’ve been struggling with, if your talent or skill can provide them with a solution then you’ll be seen as a vital asset to the business.



Always own your mistakes

Hands up who’s ever made a mistake at work? We’ve all been there… This can be a tricky one for many, but in owning up to your mistakes immediately you will be seen as responsible and by offering a solution you also prove that you can handle tricky situations and be relied upon to take necessary risks safely.



Carpe Diem (Seize the day)

It’s a struggle for non-morning people (myself included) to be as chirpy as some are first thing in the morning. But there can be benefits to getting a head start on your working day; waking up 20 mins earlier than usual and leaving for work before your usual time can give you extra time to prepare and organise for the day ahead, so that pile of work on your desk doesn’t seem so daunting.


In today’s competitive job market, it can be hard to stay relevant and indispensable to your employer, which is why it is so important to demonstrate a positive attitude and that you care about your role and the business. Your skills and experience can easily be replaced by another equally qualified candidate, but it is much harder to replace someone who cares and is passionate about their role and the company. By keeping this in mind along with these steps to succeed at work you can become a vital employee and ultimately take charge of your career.

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