Consulenti SAP: e’ il momento giusto per passare dalla consulenza ad un cliente finale?

Consulenti SAP: e’ il momento giusto per passare dalla consulenza ad un cliente finale?

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Working for an end customer is now considered, by more and more consultants, as the maximum aspiration that a SAP professional can aspire to.

In short, the Sacred Grall of counseling, the panacea for all ills.  Since there is no single and fitting answer for all of you consultants, I decided to equip you with a small arsenal of reflections, with which to orient yourself in a decision that is anything but trivial.


Professional growth

Am I an expert in my field?

How many people are more skilled than me in my team?

How many and what areas of growth do I see in my group?

Which training course?

The plurality of activities, sectors, customers and projects to which one is exposed in consulting, leads to a forced growth, which rewards those able to withstand tight and competitive work patterns, with an experiential background second to none. This experience, with the right moves, leads to a faster career advancement, as well as to a better economic treatment compared to the end customers' realities. Not to mention that very often the consultancy, compared to an end customer, is more incentivized to train and keep its employees abreast with the times, even if only for a matter of mere opportunism.


Excessive specialization

How transferable is the competence I gained in my work?

How common is this module / verticalization?

Is my figure strongly in demand on the market?

So as in consultancy it is vital to be employed on stimulating activities, which increase our experience, placing ourselves in front of new challenges, it is equally important to work for an end customer that allows us to cultivate skills and skills that can also be transferred to other realities 'work. Sometimes customers use systems that are so personalized (costumized), that it is unlikely that the skills acquired over years of work will be usable within the same industrial sector.


Work and private life

What are my priorities?

Am I willing to travel and frequent trips?

Do I have my time or am I responsible for others?

Also the man has his seasons and with them our priorities also change.

There is just enough time to travel, run, compete and learn (even if we know that you never stop learning) and one to walk, perhaps alongside someone. The consultancy has important schedules, requires flexibility and availability to travel, both national and international. In this perspective, an end customer usually allows normal office hours and limited travel needs.

As a final consideration, I urge you not to make a choice based on a clear contrast between advice and end customer.


On the market there are now very different realities: consultancies that offer projects with work from home, vertical part-time and limited travel, as well as end customers that require frequent foreign transfers and "flissibility" on timetables.

As a decision-making compass, establish the ability of your future employer to understand your needs or, in any case, rely on professionals, who will advise you before listening to you.

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