Fire & Security Industry News Roundup - April 2022


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Did you know 93% of fires extinguished in 2022 were with Portable Fire Extinguishers? Women in Security Awards ASEAN are open for nominations, and IoT is set to revolutionise fire safety all in the latest Fire & Security roundup.

93% of fires extinguished by Portable Fire Extinguishers in 2022

Following the comprehensive survey reported in 2003, which was followed up by another similar FIA survey in 2008, technicians from companies in the four main trade associations in the UK undertook to ask businesses that had used an extinguisher on fire the same questions in 2021.  Some significant trends have appeared in the 2021 survey which cannot be ignored. Such as the number of fires being successfully extinguished by portable extinguishers has increased from 80% in 2003 to 93% in 2021.

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Women in Security Awards ASEAN 2022 opens for nominations

The initiative is open to all ASEAN countries and forms part of the global campaign by the Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA). Nominations are now open and will close on 30th May 2022. Nominations must be women with more than three years of experience in the security industry, be that in cyber security, electronics, physical, protective and management roles. Self-nominations are welcome.

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Is IoT set to revolutionise the fire safety industry?

Despite understandable concerns over cyber security and resilience, technology such as IoT is playing an increasingly important role in fire safety. According to Statista, there were 13.8 billion IoT connected devices globally in 2021 and by 2025 that figure is set to soar to 30.9 billion units. Connected IoT devices in the consumer domain include security cameras and smart speakers, while in the business sector many commentators believe the latest industrial revolution (referred to as Industry 4.0) will depend on technologies such as IoT and AI to drive productivity and reduce costs.

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Which security systems are more proactive than reactive?

The advantages of security systems as forensic and investigative tools are well understood and demonstrated in the market. However, the new trend is toward systems that are useful in real-time and that even predict a security event, before it happens. Read these round table panel responses on which security systems are becoming more proactive than reactive.

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PSA Security Network announces new partnership with Magos Systems

PSA Security Network, the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, has announced its partnership with Magos Systems (Magos), a globally renowned security solutions provider, that is re-inventing radar. “We are very excited to partner with PSA,” said Yaron Zussman, Magos’ General Manager of the Americas, adding “PSA members and owners represent the top system integrators in the industry. As we continue to grow in the Americas, we believe working with PSA is a natural next step and will empower strategic long-term partnerships within the network.”

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