Eligo Employee Spotlight : Vincenzo Di Franco


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Eligo Employee Spotlight: Vincenzo Di Franco, Technology Account Executive

Vincenzo is a hardworking and talented individual who started out at Eligo as a Senior Delivery Consultant after losing his job during the first wave of the pandemic and moved back from Italy. Since then he has dived headfirst into the recruitment world, progressing into an account executive after 6 months, and has now been with us for a year and continues to be a key part of the international team. 

Read all about his journey and day-to-day life at Eligo below. 

How long have you been working for Eligo? How did you start out in Recruitment?

I have been working for Eligo for a little longer than a year now. My journey within recruitment began after completing my master's degree in Logistics and Supply chain management. I had found a position as a recruiter for logistics roles. This made my interest switch to recruitment as I appreciated the human element of it, realizing how much I found myself at ease by interacting with candidates and clients.

How do you start your workday?

I love the fact that Eligo has given me the chance to work full remotely. This gives me the opportunity to work from Italy and travel as much as I want. A typical workday for me would begin with me checking emails or LinkedIn messages, followed up by a stand-up meeting where the whole team shares information about candidates and clients, trying to collaborate as much as we can for an end result which benefits everyone. The day usually proceeds with managing urgent candidates first (at the offer stage or past the second interview) or client calls. Then, I would usually concentrate my activity in research of candidates through LinkedIn or our ATS system.

What’s your favourite part of your work environment?

Before joining Eligo, I had never worked within the ERP industry and the whole team has been extremely supportive since the very beginning, providing me with tools and knowledge to better understand the market. I also came from a very different approach to recruitment, so there were a few concepts that I had to "learn again", especially considering that now I had to focus a lot more on the Italian market, which can be different from the UK. My manager has been extremely patient, guiding me through every single aspect that needed to be smoothed out and improved.

What’s your favourite thing about working in an international team? What is the team like?

My absolute favourite thing about working for the international team is the cohesivity of the group. Despite recruitment being considered an almost individual form of sales, our team and the whole company has a very collaborative approach to it. No one is left behind and when support is needed it will be given.

What’s the best lesson you have learnt in your career so far? 

The biggest lesson I have learned so far in my career is resilience. Sometimes things can look tough, but good work and positivity eventually always pay you back! This is something I have experienced especially at the beginning of the pandemic when business didn't look too well and I was trying to change up my career. Then I found Eligo, which gave and is giving me the opportunity to rise again and work on something I discovered to be really passionate about.

What’s your biggest achievement/success in your career so far?

My greatest achievement so far is the placement of a candidate for an account I managed 100 % on my own. Only after 6 months in Eligo, I was already promoted from delivery consultant to account executive, allowing me to acquire different skills, such as managing client relationships. Placing a candidate for the first time completely on my own felt very satisfying, as not only did I have to deal with all the candidate requests or doubts, but I had to mediate these requests with the client, trying to carry out a flawless process for all the parties involved!

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