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Welcome to the Eligo Technology News Roundup, let's take a look back at the news from November. GitHubs annual Octoberverse highlights a welcome increase in the diversity of the developer community, IBM claims advance in quantum computing, the retail sector in the UK faces one cyber attack every eight days and more. 

IBM claims advance in quantum computing

IBM has unveiled an advanced "quantum" processor that is part of an effort to build super-fast computers. These machines could revolutionise computing, harnessing the strange world of quantum physics to solve problems beyond reach for even the most advanced "classical" ones. But the hurdles in building practical, large-scale versions have kept quantum computers confined to the lab.The new chip has 127 "qubits", twice as many as the previous IBM processor, these qubits (quantum bits) are the most basic units of information in a quantum computer. The company called its new Eagle processor "a key milestone on the path towards practical quantum computation".

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GitHub Octoverse 2021: Developer diversity is increasing, code is shipping faster than ever

The 2021 edition of GitHub’s annual Octoverse report highlights a welcome increase in the diversity of the developer community alongside many other interesting trends. According to the report, almost 60 percent of active GitHub users are now distributed outside North America. The world’s largest repo service is seeing the fastest user growth in Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, Japan, Germany, Canada, the UK, and China. Developers are both writing and shipping code faster than ever. GitHub’s report delves deeper into how developers are managing to achieve this impressive pace.

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Apple to begin DIY repair program for iPhones, Macs next year

A new program, called Self Service Repair, will allow customers to buy parts from Apple for their products and perform repairs at home. Apple said it will also publish repair manuals online and offer tools to buy at the same prices authorized repair technicians pay. The move marks a significant shift for the tech giant, which has historically restricted access to parts and repair manuals, as well as diagnostic and calibration apps, to its "authorized repair programs."

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54% of fintech companies with over 5,000 employees have adopted AI

The ‘Using AI Intelligently: Smart ways to use Artificial Intelligence in Payments’ report shows how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being used in the payments, finance and banking sectors and how they may be used in the future. According to the findings, a majority of financial services organisations with over 5,000 employees are using some form of AI.

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Retail sector in the UK faces one cyber attack every eight days

The retail sector in the UK has experienced 44 cyberattacks in the past year with one attack happening every eight days, claims new research by Keeper Security. As a part of the 2021 Cybersecurity Census Report, 77 percent of the retailers believe that the number of cyberattacks they face will surge in the next 12 months and disrupt the entire retailer ecosystem. The retail sector is acutely aware of the cybersecurity threats it is facing, with 41% of respondents said IT has been the top investment priority over the last year.

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