Fire & Security News Roundup - August


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As the summer draws to an end, we look back at the hottest and latest Fire & Security industry news. In August news we cover the fire risk assessment of high-risk residential premises comes under intense scrutiny, the UK Gov consults on revisions to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, and a Coalition calls for an immediate ban on facial recognition technology.

Fire risk assessment of high-risk residential premises under intense scrutiny

Recommendations arising from the Grenfell Tower enquiry have resulted in the fire risk assessment of high-risk residential premises being placed under intense scrutiny, and the core principles of fire safety management in such buildings being challenged informal forums, and on social media. Further fire safety legislation is due to be introduced before the end of the year, but at the time of writing the detail of that legislation has not been published and the necessary supporting guidance has not been compiled.

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Government consults on revisions to Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

The UK Government is consulting on proposed revisions to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice in order to reflect changes in legislation. This is the first revision process for the Code of Practice since its introduction back in June 2013. The consultation period closes on Wednesday 8 September.

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Aico’s eco-fit range smoke alarms specified as Yorkshire Housing improves sustainability

In a drive to improve the sustainability of its housing stock, Yorkshire Housing has utilised Aico’s eco-fit range as part of its smoke alarm replacement programme. The Housing group owns and managers close to 20,000 homes in Yorkshire across 20 local authorities, and will now replace approximately 18,000 alarm heads over a 10-year period. In 2021, Aico released its eco-fit range, exclusive to its flagship 3000 Series, which offers both fire and carbon monoxide detection from one range.

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Coalition calls for immediate ban on facial recognition technology

Liberty, Privacy International and 30 other organisations have called for Parliament to ban the use of facial recognition technology one year on from Court of Appeal Judges finding that it breaches Human Rights. In an open letter co-ordinated by Liberty and Privacy International, the organisations suggest that policing bodies and, indeed, the Home Office have “bypassed” Parliament in pushing ahead with plans to “quietly roll out” this particular form of surveillance technology.

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Social distancing detection at the edge trialed in Australia with airport surveillance cameras

Research in Australia claims to demonstrate how existing surveillance cameras can be used to detect breaches of social distancing guidelines, without compromising people’s privacy. The study by researchers from Griffith University in Queensland was designed to detect real-time breaches in social distancing parameters, using people detection and tracking algorithms. The team deployed AI software in cameras at Gold Coast Airport, which before the COVID-19 pandemic had 6.5 million visitors annually and covers an area of 290,000 sq metres.

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Quickfire Tips on how to prepare for your next interview 

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