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Welcome to the Technology Industry News Roundup. Where we take a look back at May's industry news, current live jobs, career advice, and much more!

Google reveals more information about Rust’s integration into Android

Google has announced more information on its integration of Rust into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The Android team has been at work trying to integrate Rust into the project since 2019 as a memory-safe alternative to platform-native development. According to the Android team, there are several challenges to integrating Rust in large projects.

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Outdated Windows Users Flout Computing Safety

A survey by Kapersky, has revealed that almost one quarter (22 percent) of PCs still run the end-of-life OS Microsoft Windows 7, which stopped receiving mainstream support in January 2020.When operating systems reach end of life, vulnerabilities will remain on the system without patch updates to resolve issues, providing cyberattackers with potential ways to gain access.

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Two-thirds of CISOs Unprepared for Cyber-attack

According to the Voice of the CISO Report by enterprise security company Proofpoint. Two-thirds of CISOs have said that they do not feel their organization is prepared enough to cope with a targeted cyber-attack. A The report examines global third-party survey responses from more than 1,400 CISOs employed by mid- to large-size organizations.

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Incognia launches free Developer Edition to counter mobile app fraud

Incognia has launched a free ‘Developer Edition’ of its mobile fraud prevention solution to help protect users of fintech and m-commerce apps. The rapid increase in mobile transactions has attracted fraudsters looking to line their pockets at the expense of those often seeking to alleviate the pandemic-driven financial hardships they face. Incognia is using its location identity expertise to help counter the bad guys.

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Apple's software chief says the level of malware on the Mac is 'unacceptable'

During testimony of an antitrust case with Fortnite maker Epic Games in the federal court, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, told a federal court that the level of malware on the MacOS operating system is unacceptable and worse than iOS. The gaming firm, in this case, is seeking to force Apple to allow it to install alternative app stores on iPhones, similar to how Apple permits on Mac computers.

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Latest Technology Jobs 

Front-end Developer 
€30,000 €40,000 - Milan 

Senior Operations Analyst 
£45,000 - £50,000 - West End 

Infrastructure Project Manager
£50,000 - £60,000 - East Midlands

Senior React Developer
£80,000 - £90,000 - London

IT Test Analyst
£40,000 - £50,000 - Leicestershire

Senior Windows Developer
€48,000 - €65,000 - Berlin

DevOps Engineer - AWS/GCP
£40,000 - £60,000 - Birmingham

.Net / C# Developer
£450 - £700 per day - Berkshire

Lead Cloud Engineer (remote)
€75,000 - €95,000 - Germany

Software Development Team Lead
£60,000 - £80,000 - Birmingham

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