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Another month, another issue of the latest in technology news! In our latest tech news update; Apple expects a miss of quarterly earnings estimates, 23 million Brits are expected to have digital-only bank accounts by 2025, Snapchat introduces intervention for mental health, the global smart home market is expected to reach 158bn by 2024 and much more. 



February Technology news update



Apple to miss quarterly earnings estimates due to coronavirus 

 Apple recently issued a rare earnings warning saying it would not meet quarterly revenue expectations due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, which will limit iPhone production and limit product demand in China. This matters to Apple in particular because whilst many companies rely on China for production, Apply gets a significant chunk of its revenue from sales in China. Apple has stressed that it sees this impact as temporary "Outside of China, customer demand across our product and service categories have been strong to date and in line with our expectations."

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(Axios) 17/02/2020


23.2 million Brits expected to have digital-only bank accounts by 2025

According to a personal finance comparison website,, just over 2 in 5 (44%) of UK adults will have a digital-only bank account in five years time, equivalent to 23.2 million Brits. Currently, 12 million Brits have a digital-only bank account, but a fifth plan to get one in the next five years, with two thirds (65%) of those planning to do so over the next year. A high priority for consumers is the convenience that digital-only banks and their apps can offer, which has been voted as the top reason (two years in a row) for having a digital-only bank account. 

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(UKTN) 19/02/2020


Tech news - 23.2 million Brits expected to have digital-only bank accounts by 2025


Snapchat introduces interventions for mental health

Snapchat has recently been seen taking steps to claim some responsibility for its users' experience by adding a new tool called Here For You to its service. If you search topics ranging from depression to thinspo (the "thinspiration" content that can promote anorexia), Snap's results will intervene with helpful content written by experts. The move is meant to protect their most used audience, particularly young and malleable users of Snapchat, 90% of all 13 to 24 year-olds in the U.S use the app.

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(Fast Company) 11/02/2020


Global smart home market to reach 158bn by 2024

More and more homeowners are embracing smart home technology in recent years and according to data gathered by, the global smart home market revenue is expected to reach $158 billion value in the next four years. Because of the speed of 5G implementation, the global smart-home ecosystem is set to continue its rapid expansion and recent investments from tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Alibaba have transformed the landscape significantly.

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(UKTN) 07/02/2020


Tech news - Global smart home market to reach 158bn by 2024


UK's 5G network well within safety limits, Ofcom tests find

The rollout of ultra-fast 5G mobile connectivity has sparked debate and fears that the new transmission masts could be dangerous to humans. However, the first safety tests, run by Ofcom, of 5G base stations have found radiation levels are at "tiny fractions" of safe limits. The tests covered 16 locations in 10 cities across the UK where 5G enabled mobile base stations had been set up and measured the strength of the electromagnetic field.

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(BBC News) 24/02/2020



Samsung Electronics says UK website error exposed data of 150 customers 

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Wednesday that a "technical error" on its U.K. website had temporarily exposed the personal data of about 150 users. The South Korean manufacturer said it stopped all users logging into the site after it became aware of the error, which it said has since been resolved and only affected the U.K. Samsung has not stated how long exactly the data was exposed, but the vulnerable information included phone numbers, postal and email addresses and previous orders. 

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(Reuters) 26/02/2020


Tech news - Samsung Electronics says UK website error exposed data of 150 customers


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