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In our latest medical news checkup, we bring you the latest news across the medical industry. This month our news covers; the new organ donation opt-out system across England, the health board in Scotland cuts out-of-hours care at five centres, and doctors say the UK Government is failing on coronavirus. You can also check out our latest available locum GP, Nurse and ANP roles below.

Number of GP practices in England falls below 7,000

New official data has discovered that the number of GP practices in England has fallen to 6,993, which is around 18% below the total when the practice-based GMS contract took effect in 2004. This sharp drop means that almost one in six of 8,486 GP practices listed in 2004/5 no longer exist or have merged into other practices. Three times as many closures or mergers have occurred in the nearly six years since NHS England became operational in April 2013 compared with the years between that point and the 2004 contract. 

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(GP Online) 12/02/2020

England will now have "opt-out" system for organ donation from May 2020 

The government has announced that England will move to an "opt-out" system consent for organ donation from May this year. The move which follows a consultation means that all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to donate their organs when they die unless they have decided that they do not want to be a donor or are in an excluded group. The new law will bring England into line with Wales, which introduced an opt-out system in December 2015 and now has the highest donation consent rates in the UK.

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BMJ (25/02/2020)

Organ donation: England will have "opt-out" system from May 2020

Rules on isolation rooms for suspected COVID-19 cases in GP surgeries to be relaxed 

GPs seeing patients who might have COVID-19 can give them a face mask and ask them to sit two metres away from other people in the surgery if no spare room is available, the new guidance is expected to say. Peter Holden, a GP in Derbyshire and a clinical advisor to NHS England on Covid-19, said that the advice to use isolation rooms to limit the potential spread of the virus was being updated to reflect "operational reality".

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(BMJ) 21/02/2020

Health board cuts out-of-hours care at five centres

Scotland's largest health board has temporarily suspended all out-of-hours services at five centres due to a lack of available GP's. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) have said the move was the only option which would allow the service to continue across west-central Scotland. Kerri Neylon, primary care lead GP at NHSGGC said that the "temporary consolidation of services is the only option which will enable us to continue providing this crucial service."

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(BBC News) 25/02/2020

Health board cuts out-of-hours care at five centres

Doctors say Government is failing on coronavirus

NHS doctors have told the Guardian of their experiences of the government's handling of coronavirus, warning that they have concerns about how patients who may have been infected are being managed. While many patients had followed Public Health England's advice to stay at home and call the NHS helpline after returning from affected areas, some had been told to go into the GP practice. The helpline has claimed that this advice was given in error, saying that the patient must have selected the wrong telephone answering choice. 

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(The Guardian) 27/02/0202

Chief Medical Officer explains how COVID-19 outbreak could affect life in the UK 

England's chief medical officer has warned that it is "just a matter of time" until coronavirus spreads in the UK, saying there could be a "social cost" if the virus intensifies and becomes "out of control". He also warned that mass gatherings such as sporting events may need to be cancelled, and schools could be forced to shut for more than two months. 

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(Sky News) 28/02/2020

Cheif Medical Officer explains how COVID-19 outbreak could affect life in the UK

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