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The new year has begun, have you identified a role that you are passionate about and are you struggling with the drafting of the CV?

You don't know where to start, are you afraid of not being able to, of not being able to write it professionally?

Here you will find tips that will help you compile an excellent SAP resume to deliver or present at a job interview.

Stop procrastinating, don't miss the right opportunity and don't be afraid of making mistakes, the important thing is to start.

Usually, the first step your employer takes is to view your CV and decide to consider your application. If you learn how to write a good resume, you will immediately be impressed! Conversely, a badly written CV will be ignored very quickly.

Your CV is your business card, it will provide an immediate first impression of you and highlight your potential value to your future employer. For this reason, be sure to highlight your skills and experience, only in this way will you be able to distinguish yourself from all other SAP professionals.

How to write a good SAP resume:

The graphic aspect, the structure and the style of the resume are important data to consider in order to write an excellent CV:

  • The graphic aspect : a good SAP resume must be crisp and clear, not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to ensure fluent reading. It is also strongly advisable to send your CV in a word format, avoid other formats or the inclusion of images or particular attachments (PDF / JPG) which could make it very complicated to edit your CV or correct some typos. The customer may not even be able to view the word format. 
  • The structure : The structure of your SAP CV must be logical and not cluttered. A good way to transcribe work experience can be articulated as it does:

-Date - Role

Employer - Activities carried out (projects, AMS, Training)

  • Style: Creativity is fine but don't overdo it with the font you will use for your CV. By "style" we do not only mean the visual aspect of the CV, but also the language, tone and punctuation. The SAP industry has its own specific terminology, make sure this knowledge is emphasized in your writing style. I recommend that you bold your employer's name, your role, your technical skills and the skills you master best. Using bold, spacing, alignment, and bullet points can really help employers quickly see information at a glance. It is essential to maintain an orderly structure and a professional profile that paints a brief picture of your career achievements, skills and experiences.

Be sure to include each of these points within your SAP CV :

1. Personal information

This section must first of all clearly indicate:

  • Name and surname,
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address
  • Mobile phone
  • Email and LinkedIn address.
  • Nationality

You don't need to include your gender or marital status.

2. Profile and / or objectives

Five sentences at most that give an idea of ​​your main area of ​​expertise, the professional sectors in which you worked, your previous experience, what you do now and what you are looking for. The reader must be able to identify in a few moments who you are and if you are suitable for the role.

3.  List of technical / functional SAP competences

Remember that recruiters set their searches on a series of keywords, based on your technical skills (such as your reference SAP form) and job title (Consultant, Analyst). Make sure your skill set and strengths are mentioned multiple times. An effective way to list your skill set is to specify the number of years you have worked in certain industries and on SAP modules in a grid, so that information can be analyzed clearly and quickly.

4.  Your most significant work experiences and successes

  • Remember to include first of all the information, the date and the position you held.
  • Once you have decided which experiences you want to highlight and which are most relevant to the job you are applying for, place them in chronological order on your CV from the most recent to the oldest.
  • Make a list of the professional goals you have achieved during this work experience (projects that were carried out over a specific period of time or budget, SAP implementations, clients, macro-activities).
  • It would also be recommended to use the STAR method as this will allow you to clarify what the business benefits will be after your hiring.

Wondering what the STAR method is? CLICK HERE:

5. Company  names with specific dates / roles / responsibilities

Emphasize newer projects and less emphasis on past ones. It is not recommended to update your SAP CV every time you decide to work for another company and create a CV of over ten pages with an entire page dedicated to a project you worked on more than ten years ago! Be short and incisive, providing enough information to prove your position without boring the reader.

6.  Education and training

Prioritize your most recent qualifiers:

  • First level degree, second level degree, address, obtained at xx
  • MBA
  •  Courses, achievement of SAP certification ie qualifications such as Prince2, ASAP or PMP

7. Languages

  • Native language
  • Other languages ​​and level of knowledge (level B1, B2, C1) and related certification

8.  Personalize your CV

Try to be short and concise but also show that you have a balance between working life and personal interests or any interesting aspect of your life that they might ask you for more details about at the interview. This way your employer will remember you.  Being remembered   is essential - after all, people won't hire us or won't want to see us again if they don't even remember we exist.


 * Click here for an example of resumes from which you can take spun to *

When you write your information it will be essential to do it in an orderly and logical way, if you have been working in SAP for years, make sure that your professional experience comes first, if instead you are taking the first steps in this sector, make sure that education (master or graduation grade), courses or training are highlighted along with your skill set.

A cluttered or non-linear structure can greatly damage the image of your resume and distract the reader, which is why the content must be short, concise and complete. Before submitting your resume, ask yourself the following questions:

Do your skills align with those required by your employer?

Always re-read the description of the position you want to fill and take into consideration the objectives and needs that the company currently has and requires. If you are working with a recruitment agency instead, talk to the recruiter who is following you to understand what your employer is looking for, this information will be the key to your success and will help you to be selected.

Have you used SAP terminology, keywords and listed skill sets?

Make sure you include SAP keywords and terminology by adding SAP to your job title such as: "SAP Consultant", "SAP Analyst", "SAP SD Consultant" etc.

Have you highlighted important facts and data?

When describing the activities you have carried out try to provide some important details such as: the type of project you have worked on (full life cycle, roll out, upgrade, S / 4 HANA, collection of requirements, go-live of a project, support post go-live or if you have worked on AMS activities).

Have you provided details not only of your previous experiences but also of your personal skill set?

List the skills you have obtained in your SAP training, the grade, the accreditation you have completed and make sure you have specified how many years of experience you have with SAP and with the specific modules.

If you are happy with the result and all the points covered in the CV, it is worth asking your friends or recruiter to reread it, research typing errors and make sure it makes sense, is clear and aligns with the profile required by the company. .

Also, before sending your resume to any person, make sure your resume data is included.

Take all these tips into consideration, that way you'll be able to write a great CV in no time.

Our SAP recruitment team has collected a sample resume to help you and you can take inspiration from. Don't hesitate to contact us to help you find your ideal job or to change your career.

 * Click here for an example of a resume you can take inspiration from *

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