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We made it through what felt like the longest month of this year so far and to commence the end of January welcome back to our monthly news update, where we bring you the latest technology news updates and industry events. 

In our first technology news update of the year, we cover scientists creating the first-ever 'living robots', driverless pods begin public trials in the UK, a new code has been set up to protect children's privacy online, Facebook creates 1,000 new UK jobs and much more! You'll have to keep reading to find out! 

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Major breakthrough for scientists who create first 'living robots' 

A team of researchers have taken cells from frog embryos and turned them into a machine that can be programmed to do, well, anything. These 'completely biological machines' otherwise known as 'xenobots' could be dispatched to transport medicine around a patient's body or clean up pollution from the oceans. The scientists also say that as the robots are entirely new life-forms created out of living cells, they can also heal themselves if they are damaged. The researcher team described their major breakthrough in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

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(Independent)  13/01/2020

Facebook to create 1000 new roles in London

Facebook to create 1,000 new roles in London 

Facebook has big plans this year, which includes creating 1,000 new roles in London, taking its UK workforce to more than 4,000. The company announced that these new job opportunities will be purely technology-focused, covering software engineering, product design and data science. This is all part of Facebook's 2020 plan to tackle harmful content online, after recent growing pressure on social media firms to remove posts promoting self-harm and political extremism. Many of these technology roles are expected to help the company address the challenges of an open internet and develop artificial intelligence to find and remove harmful content more quickly. 

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(BBC News) 21/01/2020 

New code set to protect children's privacy online 

The UK's data watchdog has set up a new privacy code that social media sites, online games and streaming services, used by children, will have to abide by. The new Age Appropriate Design Code includes a list of 15 standards that companies behind online services are expected to comply with, to protect children's privacy. These new standards follow concerns over young people suffering from grooming by predators, data misuse, problem gambling and access to damaging content which could affect their mental health.

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(BBC News) 22/01/2020

New code set to protect children's privacy online

Public trials of driverless, autonomous transport pods begin in the UK

Autonomous, driverless transport pods will be tested on the public for the first time in the UK, using sensors, radar and vision processing to navigate areas crowded with pedestrians, push-chairs and bikes. The driverless vehicles are being trialled in Bristol by infrastructure firm AECOM, which is working with partners including the Bristol Robotics Laboratory to develop autonomous vehicles.  Researchers will be studying the public's reaction to autonomous transport, which will be the first test of it's kind allowing members of the public to travel in the pods without any dedicated supervisor inside.

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(Sky News) 21/01/2020 

2019 was a record-breaking year for growth in UK tech sector 

2019 was a record-breaking year for the tech industry as investments in the UK tech sector soared to £10.1bn, a £3.1bn increase in 2018 and the highest level in UK history. The number of rapidly growing UK tech companies soared as venture capital investment increased by 44% in 2019 and growth in VC investment exceeded 40% for the third year in a row. On a global scale the UK's performance in 2019 means it now sits behind US and China in terms of total VC funding received in 2019.

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(Tech Nation) 15/01/2020

AWS Engineer accidentally published passwords and confidential info to GitHub repository

AWS Engineer accidentally published passwords and confidential info to GitHub repository

If you think you're having a bad day at work...An Amazon Web Services engineer has published exchanges with customers that included passwords, AWS key pairs and private keys to a public GitHub repository by accident. In addition to data related to computer systems like credentials, logs, and code, the repository also contained assorted documents that established the identity of the owner and their relationship to AWS. A couple of hours after the discovery, UpGuard notified AWS security, and the repo was taken offline.

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(The Register) 23/01/2020

Eligo blog of the month

What’s imposter syndrome and how can you overcome it in 2020?

At the start of a new year, many of us look to check in with our current career situation and if you’re coming back to the same job, wanting to move on or actually starting a new role this year. One thing you might have in common is the tiny voice at the back of your head whispering: “I have no idea what I’m doing”, “Am I good enough for this role?”, or “I don’t deserve this promotion”. 

That little annoying inner voice of career self-doubt is probably what is known as, imposter syndrome.

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Upcoming events 

Women in Tech Club Powerhouse Session - 18/02/2020

This interactive workshop led by some of the most well-respected coaches and mentors in the UK will give you the necessary tools and techniques to own your personal and professional development journey. Participants will be split into 10 coaching groups of up to 7 members each. Each participant will be assigned to a coaching group based on their area of interest.

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PHP UK Conference - 20/02/2020

The largest dedicated PHP event in Europe, PHP UK welcomes hundreds of leading developers to London for three days of workshops, talks, networking and socials. Attend an event packed with up-to-date content about PHP development and related technologies in a comfortable and professional setting.

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London Tech Job Fair Spring 2020 - 27/02/2020

TechMeetups is a Global cluster of 21 interconnected communities with 60,000+ startups, students and graduates, professionals, coders, salespeople, financiers, marketers & developers across the world. We have communities all over the world.

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