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With the New Year approaching now is a good a time as any to wrap up the end of the month with our technology industry news. This month we cover boards being left behind by digital, the top Google searches of 2019, Facebook pledges 130 Million to content oversight, Twitter's plans for a 'decentralized standard', and much more.

See you again in 2020, Happy New Year!



Boards being left behind by digital

The International Research Report has found that digital innovation has risen rapidly towards the top of boardroom agendas this year (ranking 2nd as a priority), but board members report that they are losing confidence in the digital ability in the boardroom – as less than half (47%) feel they have the correct skills to drive digital transformation in comparison with 58% the previous year. 

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(UKTN) 02/12/2019


Closing the tech wage gap: why people of colour get paid less

Mehul Patel gives his opinion on the wage gap stating that racial pay disparity is arguably one of the biggest problems in tech today. "The technology industry brands itself as forward-thinking, but salary data tells another story." Data from City.A.M's State of Salaries report revealed that the wage gap between black tech workers and their white colleagues is worryingly large and growing. 

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(City.A.M) 11/12/2019


New Instagram notification feature for possible offensive captions

Instagram wants you to think twice about that photo caption, with its new feature that will notify you if your photo caption could be considered offensive, giving you the chance to change it before you post. This new addition is said to be part of the platform's growing antibullying efforts, with a spokesperson for the company stating In our continued effort to lead the industry in the fight against online bullying, we are launching a new feature that asks people to reflect on a post that may contain bullying before it's posted."

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(CNET) 16/12/2019

Top Google searches for 2019

With 2019 drawing to a close, Google announces its top searches from the year which includes Sport, TV, celebrities and Notre Dame. The Rugby tournament in Japan came out on top as the most searched term of the year as England climbed through the knock-out stage to lose 32-12 to South Africa in the October final. And sport was not the only thing gripping the nation, with Game Of Thrones coming in as the third most googled query as the eight-year TV drama series came to a controversial close.

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(Sky News) 11/12/2019


Facebook pledges $130 million to content oversight board

Facebook has committed an initial $130 million to fund an independent oversight board, but said it would not announce its members this year, as originally expected. The board will be able to make final decisions on whether individual pieces of content - such as a sensitive video or ad - should be displayed on the site, even over-ruling Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg. The board is one of Facebook’s high-profile efforts to respond to criticism over how it handles problematic content and transparency around its decision-making. 

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(UK Reuters) 12/12/2019


Twitter's plans for a 'decentralized standard'

Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey has announced that Twitter Inc plans to set up an independent research group to create an "open and decentralized standard" for social media networks. According to Dorsey, centralized solutions are struggling to meet many new challenges faced by social networks, including large scale content moderation, and that the new standard will not be owned by any single private corporation.

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(Business Insider) 11/12/2019


AI facial recognition fails on race

According to a US government study, facial recognition algorithms are far less accurate at identifying African-American and Asian faces compared to Caucasian faces. This throws new doubt on whether such technology should be used by law enforcement agencies. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (Nist) tested 189 algorithms from 99 developers, including Intel, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Chinese firms Tencent and DiDi Chuxing.

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(BBC News) 20/12/2019


Apple's top apps in 2019

Every year Apple reveals both its top choice for the best apps, along with the most downloaded across its devices and app stores. This time around, winners were revealed as part of an Apple "special event" in New York City, which honoured the developers who created them. Unusually, Apple did not use the event to make any of its own announcements or to reveal new products, but instead highlighted developers that make their apps available through its platform.

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(Independent) 03/12/2019



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