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I hope you've had a great Christmas, and with the New Year fast approaching now is a good a time as any to wrap up the end of the month with our building services industry news. In our December update, we cover what a conservative win means for the private security industry, Wales introducing a new cladding ban, blue lighting may not be as evil as we think, and IoT expectations for 2020. 

See you again in 2020, Happy New Year folks!


Fire & Security 

London Fire Brigade face scrutiny following watchdog investigation

An independent Watchdog has announced that the London Fire Brigade has been too slow to learn lessons from the Grenfell tragedy, with "wasteful" practices, insufficiently trained staff and failure to follow national guidance still being a problem in the organization two and a half years on. This announcement comes two weeks after the LFB commissioner Dany Cotton announced an early resignation, and following a conclusion to the Grenfell Inquiry which stated fewer people may have died in the fire had the brigade not stuck so rigidly to its "stay put" policy. 

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(Independent) 17/12/2019 

What a conservative win means for private security 

After the Conservative party won a comfortable majority in the General Election on the 13th of December, what does this now mean for the private security sector? Ideally, the private sector industry will get regulation that fits it for the purpose of a cyber-connected, fast-moving world different from even the 2000s. More likely, at best private security will be left by the government to get on with its business. 

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(Professional Security) 13/12/2019 


Wales new year ban on combustible cladding 

A ban on using combustible cladding materials on buildings in Wales is expected to come into force early in the new year. This follows an inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire in west London, which heard evidence that such material was the main reason the blaze spread to rapidly. Housing minister Julie James said she hoped to publish the proposed building regulation amendments before Christmas for the Welsh Assembly to consider.

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(BBC News) 5/12/2019




Blue lighting may not be as evil as we think

Researchers at The University of Manchester in the UK discovered that blue light may not be as disruptive to our sleep patterns as originally thought. According to the team, using dim, cooler, lights in the evening and bright warmer lights in the day may be more beneficial to our health. The scientists claimed that twilight is both dimmer and bluer than daylight and the body clock uses both of those features to determine the appropriate times to be asleep and awake.

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(LEDinside) 19/12/2019

Rising energy costs are retailers' main concerns for 2020 

According to new research, energy costs are among retailers' main concerns as the new year approaches with many retailers looking at new technologies and efficiencies to cut energy bills. In their list of major concerns for 2020, energy costs are behind only 'the wholesale cost of goods' and 'business rates'. The study was done by energy suppplier E.ON, which found 56% of UK retailers expect energy costs to rise next year.

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(EssentialRetail) 19/12/2019 

New wearable sensor tells you the amount of light exposure

A wearable sensor has been developed by Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) with the Geneva School of Art and Design, which measures how much light an individual is exposed to along with the spectral resolution of light. The "Spectrace" can detect the amount of light one person receives by being worn around the neck like a pair of headphones or attached to an item of clothing with a magnetic pin.

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(LEDinside) 19/12/2019 




Expectations for IoT in 2020

Canonical IoT executives share their predictions for IoT in 2020, ranging from implementing change from within and diversification to IoT overlap with 5G and demystifying blockchain. "It has traditionally been an incompatibility challenge, but these new integration services will be the missing glue that is required to help move businesses forward. The creation of relationships and communication across different solution providers represents maturation in the IoT market."

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(ITProPortal) 1/12/2019


Licensing of IoT devices needs a special approach 

With the revolution of the Internet of Things we are seeing thousands of innovative developers coming up with great ideas as to how they can use the IoT and wireless components to develop new products and industries and improve existing ones. One of the challenges that developers and device manufacturers face is ensuring that they get the appropriate warranties and indemnities from their suppliers when they are buying wireless components.

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(IMECHE) 19/12/2019


Smart Factory that tackling the skills shortage 

The percentage of employment in the manufacturing sector is hovering near historic lows. And yet, job growth in the industry has been consistent over much of the past decade. Automation is partly responsible for that reality. But another aspect is the challenge manufacturers face in recruiting younger workers. With skilled labour in short supply in the manufacturing industry, Rockwell Automation and partner PTC position smart factory technology and AR as tools for addressing the problem.

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(IoT World Today) 04/12/2019 




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