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Improving data-driven emergency responses 

A number of startups and initiatives have been working to enable emergency services with life-saving building data and connected equipment. In the smart burning building, sensors know where everyone is, the potential escape routes and potentially even where the fire is hottest and much more information that would revolutionize the job of a firefighter.  One firm is leading the way, RapidSOS, who develop smart buildings software for public safety agencies, connected device app companies. 

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(Memoori) 14/10/2019

Why growth is expected of facial recognition systems 

Authentification by way of facial recognition has become more widespread, with deployment seen in various projects across the world. With this, increasing demands are expected to drive the global facial authentification systems market, which is forecasted to experience double-digit growth over the next few years. Among the different types of biometrics used in access control and identity management, such as fingerprint and iris scan, facial recognition has become a more common way to authenticate people as they gain physical or logical access.

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(asmag) 18/10/2019

ISO releases world-first ORS fire standard 

Installing ORS oxygen reduction systems that reduce the spread of fires,  can be complex and requires in-depth knowledge of the space being protected, how it is being used and by whom. There are currently various national standards and technical guidelines in place (mainly in Europe) but an internationally agreed set of requirements for quality, safety and performance have been missing, until now. 

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(SecurityWorldMarket) 10/10/2019

How to combat cybersecurity issues in video surveillance 

Among users of video, surveillance cybersecurity has emerged as a major issue, moving from analog systems of the past to IP. Research by IHS Markit points out a total of 70 percent of all security cameras shipped in 2018 were network cameras, whilst global shipments of HD CCTV cameras, also known as analog HD cameras, fell in 2018. As with all networkable devices, the camera and NVR are subject to cybersecurity issues, and there are several factors that make surveillance systems vulnerable, many of them linked to poor cyber health of the network. 

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(asmag) 10/10/2019



Study finds Blue LED lighting increases ageing 

A study has found that prolonged exposure to blue light, such as LED lighting devices such as mobile phones  could be affecting longevity, even if it's not shining in your eyes, new research shows. A study by Oregan State University suggests that the blue wavelengths produced by LEDs damage cells in the brain as well as retinas. The work was published in the journal Aging and Mechanisms of Disease Today, and involved testing the effects of light on the common fruit fly. 

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(LUX review) 21/10/2019


The sun-like future of human-centric lighting 

Seoul Semiconductor has long promoted it's SunLike LED series as a pioneering technology in the human-centric lighting (HCL) space. In this emerging market still fighting to justify the science behind its concept, the SunLike series has become a growing success story in numerous applications. Europe sales Vice President of Seoul Semiconductor states “As the paradigm of lighting shifts to human-centric lighting, there is an increasing demand for healthy light sources for people who spend a lot of time indoors.”

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(Memoori) 11/10/2019

Private plane lighting to reduce jet lag of super-rich

Private aeroplane maker Gulfstream has said that the next generation of planes are set to feature 'the most advanced circadian lighting system in aviation'. The lighting in the £58 million flagship G700 will recreate sunrise and sunset through thousands of white and amber LEDs 'gently coaxing' it's high net worth passengers into their new time zone. With the aim of 'greatly reducing the physical impact of travelling halfway around the world non-stop'.

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(LUX review) 28/10/2019



Demanding smart business models for the Future of IoT 

According to Willam Ruh, Digital CEO of international property and infrastructure group LendLease, Technology providers are yet to offer a single, tailored system that combines building automation, management and integration functions. Lendlease wants to evolve, keen to raise the level of digital infrastructure in its properties through energy, water and waste sensors, smart surveillance and lighting, and parking/charging systems, as well as better in-building mobile coverage.

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(Memoori) 28/10/2019

Chinese AI unicorns target smart cities & public security 

According to research company, Memoori, in a bid to be at the forefront of the technology, China is pouring billions of dollars into companies that are researching AI technology, with video analytics and IoT platforms for smart cities being two of the prime applications. Memoori estimates that China accounts for approx. 31% of global physical security revenues.

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(Security World Market) 31/10/2019


Industry Events

Meet us at Security Twenty 19 London!

The Eligo tour bus is not ready for a rest just yet – next month we are exhibiting at the last Security Twenty of 2019, taking place in London!  Set in the convenient location of the Park Inn Hotel in Heathrow on 7 November 2019, the Conference will bring together top security industry speakers and is supported by a large exhibition of cutting edge security products and services. We’re excited to be exhibiting again at Security Twenty 19 discussing current activities and providing our insight into the Security & Fire recruitment market. A Security TWENTY 19 London we will be raising funds for Child Victims of Crime who are solely focused on supporting children, young people and families who are victims of serious crime. 

Are you attending too? Let us know so we can meet up!

Read more & register for free here


The shortlist for the 2019 Lux Awards announced

The Lux Awards 2019 shortlist has been announced and this year the list features a whole host of impressive projects and inventive new technology. A team of expert judges – including experienced specifiers and end-users of lighting - have considered the projects entered, visited the sites, spoken to the key people, and whittled down the list to just those schemes that they believe have a shot at winning a coveted Lux Award trophy. The Lux Awards will take place on the 14th November at the Hilton, Park Lane. 

Read more and book your tickets for the event here

(Lux Review)

Eligo blog of the month

mental health at work

My experience of mental health at work (and how you can help at your workplace)

Daily life and work stress can take its toll on our mental health and admitting that you are struggling and suffering with a mental health issue is most definitely a difficult step to take. Eligoid Karolina writes a candid experience of her mental health at work along with some tips for how you can help promote good mental health at work. 

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