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In issue 8 of our technology industry news update we cover a breach found in a biometrics system used by the UK police, Google finds evidence of a sustained hack on iPhones, NHS is set to launch a national AI lab, there's a rise in female students taking computing GCSE, UK Tech Start-ups receive a record amount foreign investment and much more...

breach found in biometrics system used by UK police

Breach found in a biometrics system used by UK police, Google finds cyber-attack on iPhones and Twitter CEO’s account has been hacked.

Breach found in biometrics system used by UK police and defence firms

A major breach has been identified in a biometrics system used by the UK police and defence firms. Fingerprints, facial recognition, passwords and other personal info of over 1 million people, were discovered on a publicly accessible database. The biometrics system Biostar 2 is the creation of security firm Suprema, with the purpose of allowing centralised control for access to secure facilities like warehouses or office buildings using fingerprints and facial recognition.

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(The Guardian) 14/08/2019

Google finds evidence of iPhone hack covering the last two years

Security researchers at Google are said to have found evidence of a sustained effort to hack iPhones over a period of two years. The hack was carried out using websites that would discreetly implant malicious software to gather contacts, images and other data. Google’s analysis shows that there was no target discrimination of the hack, and that by simply visiting the hacked site, it was enough for the exploit server to attack devices.

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(BBC News) 30/08/2019

Twitter CEO Account Hacked

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has had his twitter account hacked by a group that calls itself the Chuckle Squad. After gaining access to his the Twitter CEO’s account, the group tweeted racial slurs, antisemitic messages, and at least one Holocaust denial. The tweets have now been deleted, but Twitter pointed the blame at the phone’s cell carrier, saying “the number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider”.

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(TheVerge) 30/09/2019

Rise in female students taking up computing courses and NHS to set up AI lab.
rise in female students taking GCSE computing

Significant increase in female students taking Computing GCSE

New figures released by the JCQ show a significant increase in the number of females taking up GCSE computing – up more than 7% in the UK, with a 14% increase in the number of females choosing the STEM subject. Dominic Harvey, Director of CWJobs commented on the new figures stating “we’re seeing a rise in the number of girls taking computing; however, the majority taking the subject firmly remains boys. A great way to increase this is by promoting diversity of possible future careers subjects such as computing can lead to, that are outside redundant stereotypes.”

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(EdTechnology) 22/08/2019

NHS to set up national Artificial Intelligence lab

The NHS has plans to enhance the care of patients and research by setting up a national artificial intelligence lab. AI is already showing it’s potential to revolutionise medicine fields ranging from diagnosing patients, gathering new insights into diseases and improving how hospitals are run. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced £250m will be spent on boosting AI in the NHS stating that “The power of AI to improve medicine, to save lives, to improve the way treatments are done, the power is enormous.” However, aside from the many positive possibilities, does AI still pose a threat to protecting patient data?

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(BBC news) 08/08/2019

Rise in foreign investment for UK tech startups, Gartner forecasts IoT market for 2020 and BBC launches Alexa rival.

Gartner predicts 20% increase for IoT market

UK Tech Start-ups receive a record amount in foreign investment

New research shows that UK tech companies have secured a record amount (£5.5bn) in foreign investment in the first seven months of 2019. Experts are saying the weaker pound is drawing investors to the UK technology sector. This increase in foreign investment is positive news for the UK tech scene and comes as overall foreign direct investment in the UK is falling, amid Brexit uncertainty over Britain’s future trading arrangements with the EU.

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(BBC News) 21/08/2019

Gartner forecast: 20% increase in IoT market by 2020

 According to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. the enterprise and automotive Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow to 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020, an increase of 21% from 2019. The forecast also predicts that utilities will be the highest user of IoT endpoints, totalling 1.17 billion endpoints in 2019, and increasing 17% in 2020 to reach 1.37 billion endpoints.

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(UKTN) 29/08/2019

BBC to launch voice assistant that will grasp UK regional accents

The BBC have developed a rival to Amazon’s Alexa that will aim to understand British accents. The Beeb, will be BBC’s first voice assistant and will launch next year with a focus on enabling people to find their favourite programmes and interact with the BBC online services. To make sure the software will fully understand regional accents, the BBC will be asking staff in offices around the UK to record their voices.

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(BBC News) 27/09/2019  

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Women in Tech Festival - 17/09/2019 

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