Video interview: Eligo and KPMG discuss the Midlands tech scene


Technology, Development & Testing

On a clear sunny day on the 10th floor of Crossways building in Birmingham, I was joined by Tim Kay, Head of Technology & Media at KPMG.

I invited Tim to speak about the current situation of the Midlands technology scene and what followed was an insightful discussion covering;

  • The challenges midlands businesses face
  • The lack of investment for start-ups and early-stage businesses in the area
  • Talent and skills shortages
  • Exciting plans for the 5G rollout

We also discussed the Midlands history in relation to the industrial revolution and manufacturing, retaining technology talent in the area and the plans for the future of tech in the Midlands. 

Take a look at the full interview below. I’d love to know what you thought of the talk and if you have anything to add in relation to the topics discussed, get in touch with me at