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In our July Building Services news update, we cover the predicted growth of facial recognition market, #Together4FireSafety campaign, what Brexit means for Lighting Designers and Smart home products that are most worth your time.

Fire & Security

Mobile phones as part of Access Control future

94% of European large businesses are issuing their workers with some sort of connected mobile device, yet mobile phones are actually under-utilised when it comes to building security and access management. Evolving technologies now enable us to manage access rights via mobile phone apps, open a door with a virtual key credential, and much more. It's all because a mobile phone is so well adapted to controlling access at the workplace. It is convenient, secure and flexible. Recent analyst report suggested as many as 20% of organisations would use smartphones for access, in place of plastic smart-cards, by 2020. The move to mobile access control seems inevitable.

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(Security World Market, 09/07/2019)

Boosting your home security

More and more, home security has become a concern amid burglaries and other criminal activities, rendering security devices and systems more critical than ever. “Criminals tend to search for properties they believe are easy targets", however, you don’t have to be an easy target as there are some precautions you can take to help prevent your property from being burglarized. Security cameras are a good place to start and act as a great deterrent when placed in strategic visible locations. Other home security systems recommended by industry specialists are glass break sensors, motion floodlight and digital communicators. 

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(, 11/07/2019)

#Together4FireSafety campaign backed by 21 countries

In total 37 newly elected MEPs pledged to support the campaign’s goal of improving fire safety in buildings across the bloc during their five-year parliamentary term. The #Together4FireSafety campaign was launched in the European Parliament in February by Fire Safe Europe, whose members include researchers, firefighters, European associations and manufacturers of fire protection products. The campaign urged MEP candidates to work in concert with the construction industry, architects, fire safety engineers, firefighters and building owners. Some 98 MEP candidates signed the pledge and 38 other stakeholders supported the campaign. 11 die in fires and 190 people are hospitalised every day across Europe. Fire-related losses cost 1% of global GDP per year and fires pollute air, soil and water supplies.

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(IFSEC Global, 18/07/2019)

Facial recognition market is booming

According to the latest report by Marketsandmarkets, the facial recognition market is expected to grow from USD 3.2 billion in 2019 to USD 7.0 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 16.6%. Growth in surveillance, increases in government deployment, and an increase in the use of applications in numerous industry sectors are the major forces driving this market. Among application areas, the law enforcement segment is predicted to hold the largest market size during the forecast period. North America is expected to hold the largest market size, as it is a technologically advanced region, with a high number of early adopters.

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(Security World Market, 11/07/2019)


Scientists discovered a way of making OLEDs more efficient

A team of scientists has discovered a means of producing organic LEDs (OLEDs) that demonstrate high luminosity at lower voltages. The findings, published today in the scientific journal Nature Communications, could lay the groundwork for efficient high-performance OLED devices in the future and may change future approaches to organic semiconductor technology. "If these OLEDs were used in a smartphone display, the brightness of the screen would draw less power from the battery. Not only would this extend the phone’s battery life, we expect that this lower operational power could also maximise the operational lifespan of the OLED, but we will conduct further experiments to confirm this."

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(LuxReview, 22/07/2019)

Brexit - what does it mean for Lighting Designers?

Lighting designers often work beyond the borders of their own countries and the possible outcome of either a Withdrawal Agreement or a “No-Deal Brexit” would have impacts on members of our community in a variety of ways including trade in goods and services, access to the labor market and freedom of establishment, and regulatory alignment. In a survey from 2016, Arc Magazine calculated that export of services of lighting designers from the UK to the EU amounts 200 million EUR and estimated that any restrictions in labor and freedom of movement for persons from the EU would directly affect roughly one-quarter of the employees they represent in the UK.

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(IALD, UK, 02/07/2019)

LED lighting in space

Performance In Lighting and an Italian aerospace engineering company, Argotec, have partnered to develop scientific research aimed at experimenting with a highly innovative LED lighting system in space. They provided a highly specialised team capable of studying technical, physical and thermal parameters able to meet quality standards in orbit. The direction undertaken by Performance In Lighting is supported by a series of related activities that combine the scientific aspect with the educational and social cultural diffusion that has always attested to the Group’s spirit, vividly oriented towards all types of virtuous collaboration in the social area. 

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(Arc Magazine, 19/07/2019)


Smart home products that are most worth your time

If you've already started connecting the various devices and fixtures around your home, you'll know that there are a lot of ways to approach the problem. You might just want one device to solve a particular issue, like a smart plug to add some automation to a lamp. You might also be invested in an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-powered smart speaker, or maybe you're one of the rarer breeds of Siri and Apple HomeKit adherents. Industry soecialists put together a list of the best product in each smart home sub-category, from the best smart thermostat to the best smart lighting kit, regardless of which voice platforms it works with. 

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(CNet, 29/07/2019)

An attempt to close an expanding IoT skills gap

The Internet of Things Community (IoT Community) has partnered with CertNexus, a global provider of certifications for IT, business, and security professionals, in order to attempt to close global industry skills gap. Both companies have reached an agreement that provides the industry workshops and other training solutions to the Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP), the only ANSI/ISO 17204-accredited IoT certification in the world. As per the agreement, the IoT Community will have members access to CertNexus’ certifications and micro-credential through virtual classes, access to digital books and virtual labs, and sit for CertNexus exams.

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(IoT News, 26/07/2019)

Global Smart Factory Market's growth

According to the latest report by Global Market Insights, Inc, Global Smart Factory Market is expected to grow from its current market value of more than $75 billion (€66 billion) to over $155 billion (€138 billion) by 2025. The market is driven by the growing demand for intelligent industrial solutions that organise output and save huge labor & operational costs. These factories are digitally advanced & connected facilities that enhance the manufacturing performance along with replacing human workers in a variety of operations.

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(IoT Now, 10/07/2019)

Eligo Blog of the Month

6 reasons why it's time to change your commuting direction

If you grew up in London, it probably feels like a lifetime that you’ve spent navigating cancellations, body odour, and giving up any sort of hope of a seat. If not, you probably moved to the big smoke bright-eyed, excited by the opportunity to grab a quick read of your book on that famous London establishment; the tube. Who’d have known that a couple of years down the line you’d be staring across the platform at the same people every day, readying yourself to be packed like tinned sardines, inevitably about to spill your lukewarm coffee, barely uttering signs of a sigh as delays are announced; it now feels like a lifetime for you too right?

Commuting into the city sucks. Even more so in the Summer.



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