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In our June Technology news update, we cover BBC's new scheme encouraging women in tech, SME's losing out on Tech talent, Brexit is a top concern for UK tech workers. As well as news that AI will kill off 20m manufacturing jobs, Adobe trains AI to detect Deepfakes and MoD helps itself to police biometric data.


Encouraging women in tech, attracting talent as an SME and Brexit concerns for UK Tech workers

BBC launches scheme to get women into tech careers

BBC launches scheme to get women into tech careers

The BBC has launched a new training scheme aimed at women who are looking to move into a career in software engineering. With the technology sector being predominately male-dominated the Step into Tech scheme aims to help increase the number of women working in the industry. The training covers working with websites, applications, cloud-based services and databases as well as introducing candidates 

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Broadcast Now (04/06/2019) 

SME's losing out on top tech talent to big tech companies

In a battle to recruit top tech talent, SME's are losing out to the big tech with three quarters of CIO's believing it to be more challenging for SME's to attract tech talent because they prefer to work for larger tech businesses. In response to this nearly half of CIO's are planning to train and upskill existing staff, with 37% admitting they would turn to the temporary recruitment market.

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UKTN (19/06/2019)

Impact of Brexit is the top concern for UK tech workers

According to a new report by CW Jobs, the impact of Brexit is causing the most concern for IT professionals. The report reveals that despite 89% of tech professionals having a positive outlook, over a third 38% list the political landscape as their biggest concern for the industry. The current UK tech workforce is in a good place, with confidence in the skills and new technologies it has at its disposal, but that confidence is at risk from external factors, political or economic.

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UKTN (25/06/2019)

The AI market soars but is also set to affect the future of the manufacturing job market 

AI software market soars amid digital transformation boom

Robots will kill off 20m manufacturing jobs by 2030

According to a report from Oxford Economics has stated that the rise of AI, machine learning, and robotics will lead to the loss of up to 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide by 2030. Since 2000 around 1.7 million jobs have already been lost to robots, these include 260,000 jobs in the US and 400,000 jobs in Europe and 550,000 jobs in China. 

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Tech Republic (26/06/2019)

AI software market soars amid digital transformation boom

In the midst of firms investing in AI, revenue from AI software soared more than 63 percent to $846m last year. According to research firm Gartner, Robotic process automation (RPA) which provides AI tools for businesses, is now the fastest growing segment of the enterprise software market, with revenue set to reach $1.3bn in 2019.

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City A.M. (24/06/2019)

Adobe trained AI detects photoshopped images

Adobe has partnered with researchers from the University of Claifornia to train an AI to detect when images have been photoshopped. The convolutional neural network was trained to spot changes made to images using Photoshop's Face - Aware Liquify feature. The feature is designed to adjust and exaggerate facial features, which is harmless when used to make someone appear happier in a photo or ad. However such features can also be exploited.

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Artificial Intelligence News (17/06/2019)


Attacks against UK phone networks and biometrics accessed without permission 

Hackers attack global mobile phone networks

Hackers attack global mobile phone networks

According to a report, hackers targetted mobile phone networks around the world to snoop on specific users. Not only did they gain access to these networks, but they could also have shut them down if they had wanted to. They collected call records, geo-location of various individuals from a selection of countries across Europe, the middle east and Asia. 

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BBC News (25/06/2019)

MoD is helping itself to police fingerprint databases without legal authority

The Ministry of Defence has been unlawfully comparing fingerprints it takes during overseas military operations with the UK police and immigration databases without any legal right to do so. In his annual report, Biometrics commissioner Pual Wiles has said that the Ministry of Defence has been searching the police national fingerprint database without a 'clearly defined lawful basis' and that inter-government searching of databases should be properly regulated.

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The Register (27/06/2019)

Nokia warns UK over using rival Huawei's 5G kit

Nokia has warned the UK to be wary of using Huawei's 5G equipment, stating the kit has vulnerabilities that meant it posed a risk to 5G networks. Nokia and Ericsson are competing with Huawei to sell next-generation telecoms equipment and Nokia are suggesting that their equipment are a "safer bet" for mobile operators.

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BBC News (28/06/2019)


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