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Building Services March News Round-Up including Fire & Security and Lighting sectors updates and latest jobs



In our March Building Services news update, we cover the predicted growth of the nurse call market, latest FIA updates and how AI can revolutionise the video surveillance market. In lighting news, the launch a Women in Lighting project, how Smart Bluetooth Mesh Connectivity is changing the industry and more. 



Fire & Security

The age of surveillance will really start with AI

As much as 98% of all security camera footage is never reviewed according to some industry insiders. Footage is only, generally, reviewed when an incident is reported and that specific timeframe is investigated for evidence. Beyond that, our vast network of “high-tech” connected video surveillance equipment primarily just serves as a deterrent. Labor costs and the limited human mental capacity to maintain focus on largely “empty” footage provides obstacles, but artificial intelligence (AI) does not have such limitations and the technology seems to be on the verge of disrupting the video surveillance industry. Perhaps the age of surveillance will really start when surveillance technology is given the intelligence to identify and highlight footage of interest, accurately and in real-time. It appears that change is coming.

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(Memoori, 20/03/2019)

Mapping retail trends with cameras


The retail industry is constantly looking to find new ways to be relevant in the ever-increasing shadow of online shopping. AI surveillance products can change the landscape of retailers' business decision-making. A people counting camera in each store counts people passing by, while another counts people entering and leaving. With this tailor-made solution management could calculate how many people were passing by to see a purchasing conversion rate. This also helps them to know whether their marketing strategy is working. They can analyse the information further to see whether the rate of people entering the store is dropping, and whether that relates to the number of those passing outside.

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(Security World Market, 26/03/2019)

Justice Secretary David Gauke recently revealed

Justice Secretary David Gauke recently revealed that the UK has trialled biometric technology which can identify visitors who may be trafficking drugs into prisons. The technology, ID scan, Facewatch and Tascent, includes iris scanning and facial recognition software, and it has been tested at 3 jails, HMP Lindholme, Hull and Humber and is part of a wider crackdown on drugs entering prisons. This trial comes against a backdrop of wide-ranging measures to tackle drugs and violence in prisons, including security scanners, drug search teams, digital technology to identify criminal kingpins and a Financial Crime Unit with the power to freeze suspect bank accounts linked to prisoners. All of this has been underpinned by a significant boost in prison officer numbers following a major recruitment campaign.

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(Security World Market, 13/03/2019)

FIA updates guidance and fact files

The Fire Industry Association’s (FIA) Extinguishing Council has updated a number of guidance notes and fact files around portable fire extinguishing – covering the ADR, electrical risks, environmental guidance and more. Anyone who deals with portable extinguishers can update their understanding of best practice and legal requirements by downloading the latest updates below. Get the latest technical documents, as well as industry news and best practice advice, direct to your inbox by signing up to the weekly FIA newsletter.

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(IFSEC Global, 01/03/2019)

Global nurse call is growing

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global nurse call system market size is expected to reach USD 2.38 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 9.9% during the forecast period. Increasing support for digital healthcare, government penalties for hospital re-admissions, and demand for resident and patient safety are expected to drive the demand. Hospitals have a major share of the nurse call system market owing to the patient flow and increasing chronic and emergency case patients. Moreover, researchers are filing patents for technologies that offer uninterrupted communication. North America was the largest regional market included in the study, which according to the analysts is due to the establishment of a separate certification and coding system and the introduction of new integrated solutions by key players.

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(Security World Market, 21/03/2019)



The future of Smart Bluetooth Mesh Connectivity within Lighting industry

To retrofit dumb buildings with intelligent connectivity infrastructure, and without significant disruption or cost, is no easy feat. It requires innovative, scalable technology and, ideally, a ubiquitous existing infrastructure upon which to piggy-back. Bluetooth Mesh could provide that infrastructure by utilizing lighting to bring a whole range of smart applications to older buildings. In contrast to wireless lighting systems built on WiFi networks, Bluetooth Mesh provides the ability to connect thousands of separate devices, each communicating with one another. Messages are forwarded from device to device across the mesh until reaching the target device, offering scalability. Bluetooth mesh can relay messages to switches, sensors, HVAC units, light fixtures, and all kinds of connected devices, in every corner of the facility.

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(Memoori, 08/03/2019)

Women in Lighting - supporting gender balance in the lighting industry
 Women in Lighting project, launched on the International Women’s day, is a celebratory endeavour that will set out to create an inspirational digital platform for women working in the architectural lighting industry to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals, celebrate their work and elevate their profile in the lighting community. Women in Lighting will have a specific website – – with a database of interviews with women from around the world. Starting with lighting designers, the scope will expand to include women in all aspects of lighting – education, journalism, manufacturing, art and research.

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(Lighting magazine: Illumination in Architecture, 08/03/2019)

The Lighting Industry Association has joined forces with UL

LIA has joined forces with UL’s global lighting expertise in testing, certification and standards, offering UK lighting manufacturers product compliance entrance to more than 50 countries, including the USA and Canada. The partnership will give the entire lighting supply chain access to the largest lighting-specific laboratory in Europe, with the help and advice that both organisations can provide for UK companies looking to export. “UL meets the needs of the lighting industry so effectively because we know the industry from the inside out. This partnership is the culmination of discussions over the last two years and will ake the process of offering the UL Mark to UK manufacturers more simple and effective.”

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(arc Magazine 27/03/2019)

Pre-match LED pitch lighting shows

Thanks to LEDs, football has become a spectacular light show as much as a display of sporting talent. Before LEDs, pitch lighting was switched on an hour before kick-off and took at least 30 minutes to warm. Today’s LED pitch lighting is instantaneous and Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium was one of the first in the English Premier League to install this remarkable technology. The main driver for clubs to switch to LED is compliance with the latest standards demanded by TV broadcasters and football federations. The ability to use the lighting in pre-match light shows is a huge added bonus – afforded by the ability to program individual LED lights to turn on and off rapidly, vary their intensity and sync them to music. In a few short years, such entertainment has reached new heights of sophistication as top clubs vie with each other to produce the most spectacular light show.

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(Lux Review, 13/03/2019)



IoT - Top-Down or Organic Bottom-Up Approach?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredibly hot topic, and interest is so great it may have obscured the central truth about IoT: It isn’t about the things themselves; it’s about being smart. It’s the application of intelligence to sensor data that makes IoT useful and real — especially in the context of a building. The most important truth about today’s smart buildings is that they aren’t designed from the top-down but assembled from the bottom-up. That’s because security, facility controls and other IoT systems found in smart buildings are generally independently designed and deployed separately. “To truly garner the benefits an IoT smart building has to offer, it’s critical to take a top-down approach and have all IoT systems working together.”

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(Memoori, 25/03/2019)

Access Control & IoT security issues

Access control is a core component in the security of an end user organization. However, the security of access control can be overlooked. Specifically, being an IoT device, the access control reader is as vulnerable to IoT security issues as any other device sitting on the network. The mainstream concept of IoT usually revolves around devices like connected thermostats, connected cameras, or connected refrigerators. That’s one of the reasons why IoT security is such a crucial issue for enterprises. There is little awareness or understanding about the broad range of connected devices that pose a risk and that need to be protected from an IoT security perspective. Anything that has an IP address and can communicate over the network is a potential target for cyberattacks. A successful compromise of a badge reader system could give an attacker physical access to facilities which is a very serious matter in many locations — think airports, refineries, power plants, hydroelectric dams. It also gives an attacker an entry point to attack other assets on the network — think credit card data and human resources data.

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(a&s Magazine, 05/03/2019)

Industry Events

Nominations are now open for Women In Security Awards

An annual The Professional Security Magazine Women in Security Awards are the security profession’s dedicated awards that recognise and honour the accomplishments, value and contributions of women within the wider world of security. You can now submit nominations in five categories: Security Manager, Frontline, Business Manager, Technical and Contribution to Industry. Please provide as much detail as possible in your nomination (200 words max per section) as this is the only information the judges will use to make their decision!
The 2019 Women in Security Awards will be hosted by the SSAIB and will take place on September 12 2019 on board the Dixie Queen riverboat with a dinner/dance cruise on the Thames in London.

Read more & submit your nominations here!

(The Professional Security Magazine, 08/03/2019)


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