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We are scraping our old news roundup format to bring you – drum roll please – a mega monthly news update! January brought with it a mass of predictions and trends and in the first Eligo Technology news update, we take a glance at the tech job market of tomorrow, top tech skills and how tech is going to change this year. We also cover some highs and lows of the technology giants from plans to stamp out fake news to facing legal action over sexual misconduct and the first big GDPR fine.




The future of the tech industry


A glance at the Job Market of tomorrow: Future Jobs Report 2018 (Wall Street Journal)

The World Economic Forum recently released their detailed but short glance at the state of the tech job market of tomorrow, with its Future of Jobs Report 2018. The survey revealed that in 2018, an average of 29% of task hours were performed by machines versus 71% performed by humans. By 2022 this average is expected to shift, with 42% of tasks to be performed by machines and 58% by humans. What are your thoughts on this shift in labour? Do you think machines will take over, what jobs will become redundant and which will be in most demand?
Read more here (Wall Street Journal)

Top trends and gadgets of CES 2019

The CES trade show in Vegas brings together the biggest names in tech to startups you’ve never heard of. This year’s event saw Alexa and Google Assistant stealing the show, a skin printer that wipes years from your face, a wristband that controls your temperature and some quirky pet robots.
Read more here (BBC News)

KMPG survey reveals UK tech sector growth at its weakest for 3 years

According to KPMG’s latest survey, The UK Tech Monitor Index the technology sector experienced a difficult end to 2018, as business activity growth eased to its weakest for three years and new work remained subdued. Causes for this lack and lull in client spending were reportedly down to global trade frictions and Brexit-related uncertainty. So what does 2019 have in store for the growth of the UK technology sector?  – According to the survey, buoyant staff hiring and capital spending plans are still in place.
Read more here (UKTN)


Diversity on the rise 

GCHQ offers all-female Cyber training classes 

In a bid to increase the number of female online security experts, GCHQ is offering 600 free places on all-female CyberFirst Defenders courses in April and May this year.  The BBC has found that the intelligence and security services are worried about missing out on female recruits and so will be providing this training as a mix of residential and non-residential training events.
Read more here (Recruiter)

Tech Talent Charter launches diversity benchmarking report 

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) has launched a benchmarking report tracking gender diversity in technology roles across the UK. The data was gathered from over 200 signatories representing over half a million employees. Offering a snapshot of today’s tech industry and an insight into practical ways companies can improve it.
Read more here (UKTN)


Tech giants take on fake news and GDPR fines


Facebook employs fact-checkers to tackle fake news

Here are the facts. Facebook has taken on a UK fact-checking service to help deal with fake news. Full Fact is a charity that reviews stories, images and videos and rates them based on accuracy. If something is found as fake, it will appear lower in the news feed but will not be deleted or removed. Whilst this is seen as a positive step for Facebook, will just pushing posts further down news feeds work enough to stop the spread of fake news?
Read more here (BBC News)

WhatsApp limits message forwarding to fight misinformation

WhatsApp is putting a limit on its message forwarding, only allowing users to forward 5 messages in a row. The Facebook-owned messaging company is aiming to tackle the spread of rumours and misinformation as the spread of this ‘fake news’ has been a persistent problem on Facebook-owned WhatsApp and other social networks. The company began testing the message limit in India in July following a spate of mob violence and lynchings in that country blamed on misinformation spread on the social network.
Read more here (CNet)

Google charged with £44m GDPR fine 

The award for the first tech giant to break GDPR in 2019 goes to…Google. French data regulator CNIL fined Google 50 million euros (£44m) for a breach of the new EU data protection rules. Reasons for imposing the charge included a “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding ads personalisation.” Apparently, the first complaint was filed on the 25th of May 2018 – the day the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.
Read more here (BBC News)


Consultant comments / predictions

“My prediction for 2019 is that investment in AI and Machine Learning to help automate business processes will continue to accelerate, as it becomes an integral part of corporate strategy. According to a report by Deloitte, cognitive technologies/AI have topped the list of emerging technologies in which CIOs plan to invest. Benefits include increasing productivity, strengthening regulatory compliance through automation, and helping organisations derive meaning from ever-larger data sets.

I predict that the Data Science and Machine Learning job market will continue to be candidate driven, with these candidates in increasingly high demand as organisations continue to deploy and manage these AI fuelled enterprise systems.”

Katie Parker, Account Executive 

Eligo articles this month


Trending technology skills for 2019 

As technology evolves at such a rapid pace, so do technology-based careers that surround it. As such, the IT professional of the 21st century is constantly learning and adding to their technical skill set to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. According to the latest LinkedIn data, there are at least 50,000 professional skills in the world! Out of these, there are 8 trending technology skill areas that companies are looking for when hiring IT professionals this year.

2018 review: A Year of change for Eligo

2018 was a great year for our consultants, candidates, and clients, with many changes impacting the business and the team in a positive way. Like a proud parent sharing your achievements with family and friends, we decided it was time to fill you in with what’s been going on here at Eligo over the last year.

What’s imposter syndrome and how can you overcome it in 2019?

Are you critical of yourself at work? Do you dismiss your achievements as nothing? Perhaps your thinking of making a big career change, starting a new job or landing a promotion? – These thoughts often come with a side order of self-doubt and sense of inadequacy. We’ve all experienced different levels of imposter syndrome at some point in our career lives (I know I have). But the good news is there are ways to overcome these feelings of self-doubt and gain the confidence to appreciate your abilities and continue to take charge of your career.


Eligo download of the month: Job Hunting Guide

Job hunting can be a different experience for everyone and it can be exciting, terrifying, and stressful in equal measure.

There are questions such as what you should ask in an interview, to make decisions around handing in your notice at your current job to consider, as well as the inevitable update of the CV. All in all, finding the right new job is one of the hardest things to achieve, which is why we wanted to put all of our expertise and knowledge of the job hunting process into a handy job hunting guide to not only make life easier but make sure you land your dream job.

From working with your recruiter and perfecting your CV to interview preparation and making tricky decisions surrounding your employment we cover it all for you in our  Job Hunting Guide.