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We are scraping our old news roundup format to bring you – drum roll please – a mega monthly news update! In the Building Services Industry January news update, we take a look at the future of smart security and some major trends for the lighting industry in 2019. We also cover how mergers and acquisitions are changing the Fire & Security market and the upcoming Security Twenty 19 event, which we will be exhibiting at in Birmingham on the 21st of Feb!


Fire & Security

The future of smart security

HS Markit analysts believe that potential applications of AI in home security systems are myriad and could give home security systems a much further boost, delivering even higher levels of security and comfort in the house. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for various data analytics processes. In the future, IHS research shows that artificial intelligence can lead to the creation of a true smart home capable of learning the ways, habits, and preferences of the occupants of a home, automatically adjusting the settings in its various systems to accommodate both normal patterns and quirks in behaviour.

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London airports invest on counter-drone technology following the drone-related disruption

Gatwick airport spent £5m on counter-drone technology in the days following the drone-related disruption to flights in the run-up to Christmas. The cost of the chaos, which led to the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights, is expected to run into at least £20m. Heathrow Airport, the only UK airport busier than Gatwick, has also acquired new technology to combat rogue drones in the wake of the chaos at Gatwick. The government has announced an extension of the airport exclusion zones, from the current 1km to 5km, with additional extensions at the end of runways.

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How mergers and acquisitions are changing the Fire & Security market

There is a general upward trend in consolidation of the Fire and Security industry, which has grown by a CAGR of 7.5% from 2000 to 2018. The value and volume of acquisitions has increased over the last 4 years even when we adjust for the distortion caused by bumper M&A deals such as the Johnson / Tyco deal in 2016 and Thales / Gemato in 2018. The number of deals in the range of $50m to $150 has increased and there has been more diversity across the different product types. The structure of the industry is still very fragmented with hundreds of small companies finding it increasingly difficult to compete in this price competitive market and it looks inevitable that the general trend line of value and volume of M&A will continue upwards over the next 5 years but at a slightly lower rate of growth.

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Identity Analytics Market to hit $1,093M by 2023

According to the latest report by Marketsandmarkets, Identity Analytics Market is expected to reach USD 1,093 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 30.3% from 2018 to 2023. Identity analytics solutions combine the power of big data and advanced analytics and help to detect identity-based risks across organisation’s IT infrastructures. The major factors driving the growth of the identity analytics market are increasing concerns about managing stringent industry regulations and compliances, rising number of identity-based risks across organisations, and increasing demand for mobility solutions.The fraud detection application segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR from 2018 to 2023.

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Lighting major trends for 2019

Experts from Lux analysed developments in the lighting sector and come up with the 10 biggest trends for 2019. The big megatrends of recent years will continue of course, as digital disruption will challenge some business models and create opportunities for others, especially those who can make digital experiences a seamless and positive customer experience. Here’s our take on 10 trends we expect to see in the coming 12 months.

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The future of lighting is all about people

The current revolution in lighting is not about simple illumination, nor efficiency or even LEDs. The new world of lighting is about people. Lighting will always be used to illuminate space but developments have shown that by manipulating the color, hue, and brightness of luminaires, the light produced can improve the health and wellbeing of building occupants. Human Centric Lighting is not limited to LEDs and electric light bulbs, however, natural light has proven in study after study to be the best kind of illumination for health and productivity. Before new lighting systems are installed, businesses should focus on increasing the levels of natural light in the workplace using windows or better office layout.

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Progress in location-tracking lights market

Bluetooth has announced a direction-finding feature that means Bluetooth-enabled lights could be used for wayfinding, location tracking and proximity services. The feature allows devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal, thereby enabling the development of so-called ‘proximity applications’ such as asset tracking. The launch of Bluetooth location-tracking will rival Philip’s YellowDot programme which allows certified LED luminaires containing YellowDot drivers to be interoperable with Philips’ indoor positioning technology. “Location services is one of the fastest growing solution areas for Bluetooth technology, and is forecasted to reach over 400 million products per year by 2022”.

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Horticultural LEDs enable genetics seed research

We already know LED-based horticultural lighting as a way for growers to accelerate plant production and save energy, but the tunable capabilities of solid-state lighting (SSL) can also accelerate the pace of seed genetics research. Researcher from Miami University approached a supplier of horticultural lighting who provided luminaires with wireless control to the project to incorporate the ability to vary spectrum in his research as part of evaluating how the stress factors impacted the cultivars.

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Upcoming Industry Events

Security Twenty 19 is coming to Birmingham next week!

There’s only 3 weeks to go until the first of Security Twenty 19 events. First stop: Birmingham. Set in the convenient location of the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel within the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) on Thursday, 21 February 2019, the Conference will bring together top security industry speakers and is supported by a large exhibition of cutting-edge security products and services. We’re excited to be exhibiting again at Security Twenty 19 discussing current activity and providing our insight into the Security & Fire recruitment market. Confirmed speakers include Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter, SSAIB Chief Executive Alex Carmichael, lone worker expert trainer Nicole Vazquez and an update from the Security Commonwealth as well as manufacturer updates. Security Twenty 19 events aim to raise funds for local charities. In Birmingham, we will be raising funds for DKMS which is a non-profit organisation that works to raise awareness of the need for donors for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, which people with blood cancers need for treatment. This charity is currently supporting Ian Witham of Gratte Brothers.

It’d be great to see you there! 

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