Lighting Industry News Round-up 07/12/2018


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This week in our Lighting industry news round-up we cover lighting becoming more integral part of stores’ designs, growing Light Detection and Ranging market, underground farms with LED Lighting in abandoned coal mines and more…


Lighting as an integral part of stores’ designs

One of the most heard complaints from lighting professionals is that light doesn’t get considered early enough on projects. Luckily, times are changing. “When I first started off in lighting – says one of the industry specialists –  it was very much last minute. Now we actually get involved in writing [lighting] guidelines. It’s becoming more about creating a sense of place, creating an environment that is about something more than just going in and buying something, it’s about creating an experience, a place you want to be in.” Part of the reason for the increase in attention paid to lighting seems to be retailers’ focus on creating a memorable experience, as they seek to compete with online.

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(Lux Review, 23/11/2018)

The future of Light Detection and Ranging market

According to the latest research by LEDinside, the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser market is expected to reach US$ 154 million by 2020. LiDAR has been one of the technology focuses in the past two years as it is a key technology for automotive vehicles and many other applications. Worldwide LiDAR sensor producers and semiconductor firms have been pushing LiDAR development and extending applications through collaboration with other technology partners. Apart from self-driving technology, LiDAR sensors could be widely utilized in various applications including intelligent transport system, drone, geographical measurement and more.

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(LED Inside, 07/12/2018)

Potential issues with internet-connected emergency lighting

A panel debate at LuxLive on ‘emergency lighting’s role in IoT’ concluded that IoT has the potential to transform how emergency lighting is managed, tested and maintained – but this must not be at the expense of buildings becoming non-compliant or owners overly-reliant on possibly vulnerable internet connectivity. The security of IoT and its potential vulnerability to breaches and hacking were also mentioned – ‘Adding IoT can create additional layers of vulnerability and security issues.’ Robust protocols and good education were therefore likely to be critical, said one of the specialists – ‘Joined-up thinking is the way to do it, and working collaboratively.’

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(Lux Review, 31/11/2018)

Underground Farms with LED Lighting in abandoned coal mines

Horticulture LED lighting has opened a new horizon for farming. Indoor farming, vertical farming and many other alternative ways to grow crops free the weather limits for food production. Now, British scholars at the University of Nottingham suggested that abandoned underground coal mines could be suitable environments for growing vegetables. With hydroponic systems and LED lighting, crops can be grown in subterranean environments some advantages. For example, groundwater could be directly used in the hydroponic systems. Besides, crop production is unaffected by climatic or seasonal restrictions, allowing production of all kinds of crops all year round.

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(LED Inside, 05/12/2018)

Uncertainty in the LED Industry due to an international trade war

The LED industry has been involved in the trade war between the United States and China as LED components and related lighting products were included in the list of extra tariffs. The two countries have recently reached a trade truce by suspending the new tariffs for 90 days. However, industry specialists believe that the delay would bring increased uncertainty into the LED industry. LED producers will take different measures depending on the percentage of the tariffs. The original 25% tariffs are likely to have forced LED manufacturers to relocate their production lines. However, now that Trump has agreed to postpone the tariffs, major players in the LED industry will have to hold their decision making and see how the situation plays out after three months. The pending circumstance will slow down demands, leading to market uncertainty.

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(LED Inside, 04/12/2018)

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