End of year Technology News Roundup – 28/12/2018


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Another year has flown by and it’s safe to say that there have been ups and downs in 2018, with advancements in AI, mergers and buyouts but also some shocking privacy and diversity scandals making the headlines.
In this special tech news edition, we’re rounding up the year by asking the tech consultants their favourite or most significant tech news stories of the year;



Katie Parker, Account Executive

“Without question, the biggest cybersecurity story of 2018 has to be the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. Back in April, as many as 87 million users of Facebook were told that their personal data was accessed without permission by Cambridge Analytica through a third-party quiz app. Not only was it shocking for everyone that Facebook site allowed the data to be easily accessed, but the scandal also came nearly 7 years after Facebook promised to not share people’s personal data without permission from the users. Overall it’s been a tough year for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg apparently had a personal goal in January to ‘fix’ Facebook, let’s see if in 2019 he can finally achieve that goal..”

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Daniel Baxter, Senior Technical Recruiter

Back in 2016 Amazon introduced its first autonomous and check out free shopping experience, Amazon Go, where users could simply walk in and take food with no queues. This was originally only located at stores in the US, but this year Amazon has announced they will be planning Amazon Go store in London. It’s unlikely that Amazon Go stores will be a big competitor to our local supermarkets, but it will be an absolute dream to be able to grab some lunch or dinner and walk out without queueing!

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Liam Evans, Lead Technical Recruiter 

“Following the wanna cry attack of May 2017, it was alarming to see that in 2018 there is still a high percentage of cyber security skills lacking within the NHS. This means that a quarter of NHS trusts in the UK have failed to give staff specialist cyber security training. A major contributor to the hacking back in 2017 was probably down to trusts using such an outdated software (Windows XP operating system) – a very vulnerable system to hack! Going forward the Government has promised funding of £150m to modernise the NHS computer software, so come 2019 were hoping for a more secure NHS…”

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Rick Deller, Head of Technology Division

It was interesting to find out that this year although JavaScript may be the most in-demand language by employers, the Python programming language is a favourite of developers across all ages, according to Hackerrank’s Love-Hate index. Hackerrank’s 2018 survey also reveals that Python is the most popular language that developers want to learn overall.” 

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Anne Rooke, Senior Mac Recruiter

The biggest change for IT professionals this year had to be the introduction of the new GDPR (data protection regulation) and its impact on app developers. Apple announced in September that all third-party apps (including new and updates) submitted to the App Store include a link to the app developer’s own privacy policy. This is a big change to Apple’s third-party app policy, with until now only subscription-based apps needed to supply this information.” 

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