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In this week’s tech news roundup Caltach has developed a headset to make public spaces more accessible for the blind, Google employees raise over $200,000 in pledges for strike fund, Softbank plans to sell shares for £10.40 a piece at its IPO, Instagram’s new initiative targets fake activity.
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Caltech has developed a headset to improve the lives of blind people

Caltech has been working with mixed reality to design a headset, CARA (Cognitive Augmented Reality Assistant) designed to translate the visual world into English audio. The device is said to be useful for public spaces such as banks, stores and museums to make them more accessible for the blind.

Click here to read more about the Caltech headset helping blind people to navigate their surroundings
SD Times  (30/11/2018)



Google employees raise over $200,000 in pledges for strike fund 

Following more news about Google’s controversial plans for China, a prominent employee at the company said today that workers had pledged more than $100,000 for a strike fund, and that she would match that amount.

Click here to read more about the $200,000 raised in pledges for the Google strike fund.
The Verge (29/11/2018)



Softbank plans to sell shares for £10.40 a piece at its IPO

In the country’s biggest ever listing, Softbank plans to sell shares for ¥1500 (£10.50) a piece in its initial public offering (IPO) next month. The IPO would value Softbank at just under 7.2 trillion yen (£50bn) and the shares for the business (boasting 34m subscribers) will be issued on the 19th of December, with more than 87% allotted to Japanese investors.

Click here to read more about Softbank’s share plans at its IPO.
City.A.M (30/11/2018)



Instagram’s new initiative targets fake activity

Instagram has announced a new initiative to target fake likes and comments and have developed tools that can identify fraudulent or fake accounts that use third-party services and apps to artificially boost their popularity. Instagram has become a tool for online influencers to amass large followings and in many cases get paid, in turn, to market products. The amount of payment is usually judged by the size of the influencer’s online audience and engagements, but it is easier than we think to become a fake influencer.

Click here to read more about Instagram’s initiative to target fake activity
BBC Tech (19/11/2018)


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