Lighting Industry News Round-up 23/11/2018


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This week in our Lighting industry news round-up we cover the success of LuxLive 2018 event, NHS straggling with a deadline for LED lighting special funding, Bluetooth Mesh technology that will support wireless smart lighting and more…


NHS deadline for special funding for LED lighting

NHS trusts are scrambling to meet this month’s application deadline for £46 million of special funding for LED lighting. The money – a potentially huge boost to lighting suppliers – is designed to cut energy use and improve the lit environment in hospitals, health centres, doctors’ surgeries and other NHS buildings. Part of the NHS Energy Efficiency Fund, it’s being distributed by the specialist division tasked with upgrading the nation’s healthcare estate,  NHS Improvement. The deadline is 30 November. ‘This £46 million fund will help NHS Trusts to reduce carbon and energy bills as well as deliver a cut to maintenance costs. This frees up much-needed funds which can be put directly back into frontline services.’

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(Lux Review, 21/11/2018)

Bluetooth Mesh is almost here to support wireless smart lighting

It’s been nearly a year-and-a-half since the Bluetooth community ratified a long-anticipated mesh networking standard that was going to finally open the floodgates of wireless smart lighting-based smart building deployments. While the deluge hasn’t happened yet, it will arrive in 2019. Bluetooth Mesh greatly extends the range of Bluetooth — generally known as a short-range wireless communications technology — by allowing Bluetooth beacons to hand off instructions to each other. It thus makes Bluetooth a viable means for controlling swathes of office lights, and for embedding them with sensors that can collect data and help do everything from controlling heating and lighting to analyzing office use and figuring out how better to utilize space.

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(LED’s Magazine, 16/11/2018)

Fresh salad from LED-equipped Indoor Farm in Tokyo

The largest convenience store operator in Japan will grow vegetables for its own salads products sold at its stores by establishing a plant factory in Tokyo. According to the report, the facility will cost about 6 billion yen (US$53.3 million) and is scheduled to operate in January 2019. The facility will be installed with LED lighting system to produce vegetables for about 70,000 salads per day. The company used to buy vegetables from other sources but the price and the quality of vegetables could difficult to manage due to drastic weather changes. Building up its own growing facilities with LED lighting might increase the cost for the convenience store company, but it can ensure the stability of the supply.

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(LED Inside, 21/11/2018)

Is human-centric lighting in the offices overpromised?

The idea of tuning workplace lighting to support the human circadian cycle might be catching on in some quarters, but it has yet to win over many potential users. Head of lighting for New York City-based shared workspace startup is cautious of over-promising and the does not see enough evidence for its effectiveness and is running just one pilot at a small meeting room at its home facilities in New York. Specialists from the lighting industry acknowledged that the field could benefit from more evidence. ‘The human side of smart lighting’ is still the area that requires a lot more research and it’s best to remember that the best source of human-centric lighting remains the sun, and employees should take outdoor breaks during their workdays.

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(Lux Review, 19/11/2018)

LuxLive 2018 – the largest and busiest ever

LuxLive 2018 has been the largest and busiest event of its series, across two packed days of product launches, insightful case studies and business networking. The best lighting products, projects and companies leading innovation and change were recognised at the 2018 Lux Awards at the event as well. The Awards were presented in front of 800 senior lighting professionals at a gala event at the O2 InterContinental on the final night of the LuxLive 2018 exhibition. 

Myself and my fellow lighting recruitment specialist, Kate Roberts, were excited to visit the LiveLux event this year to discuss current activity and provide our insight into the Lighting Industry recruitment market.

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(Lux Review, 16/11/2018)


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