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This week in our Lighting industry news round-up we cover human-centric lighting that improves supermarkets sales, European issues with online sales of non-compliant products, an upcoming LuxLive 2018 event and more…


Improving sales by using human-centric lighting

A German supermarket boosted its sales by up to 28% by installing a human-centric lighting. The scientific study, conducted over 10 months, also saw customer dwell times boosted by 21% and employee absence tumble by 35%. The sensational results will provide tangible evidence to proponents of human-centric lighting can it can give clients a significant return on investment. The settings were designed to have a positive effect on staff and customers by ‘activating’ them during the day and reducing daytime sleepiness, and ‘deactivating’ them in the evening, all using the lighting’s colour temperature and intensity.

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(Lux Review, 08/11/2018)

European issue with online sales of non-compliant products

EucoLight (the European association for lighting WEEE compliance schemes) recently hosted a workshop that gathered over 100 experts discussing the widespread availability of products through online marketplaces that do not comply with consumer safety standards, VAT requirements, and environmental obligations. Market Compliance Manager of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), reported on a retail mystery shopper testing study. The initial findings of the survey revealed that a high proportion of the lighting products tested from online marketplaces have serious electrical safety risks.

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(A1 Lighting, 09/11/2018)

Lighting’s challenges within property industry

If the lighting industry is going to truly establish itself as an indispensable part of data-connected smart buildings, then it’s going to have to make good friends with the world’s multi-trillion-dollar property industry. At LuxLive 2018, heavy hitters from the real estate services and investment industry will provide insights and examples of how lighting technology can become integral in the movement to make buildings far more intelligent than they already are. As the lighting industry morphs into more of an IT industry, it will compete against (and partner with) more traditional IT companies. To that end, some lighting companies are beginning to spread their wings by offering smart building technologies outside of the lighting infrastructure, as well as inside of it.

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(LEDs Magazine, 05/11/2018)

First official practice for implementing human-centric lighting in the office

Mark Rea, professor of architecture and cognitive sciences at the Lighting Research Center (LRC), unveiled the first official recommended practice for implementing so-called human-centric lighting. The adoption of human-centric lighting – which, say proponents, sets occupants sleep-wake cycles and provides benefits such as better productivity, alertness and sleep – has been stalled by an absence of independent and authoritative guidance on its specific implementation. The publication of the ‘recommended practice’ has the potential to move human-centric lighting from the fringe to the mainstream and give the industry a powerful and profitable narrative as LED adoption passes its peak.

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(Lux Review, 06/11/2018)

Green light for “Exterior Lighting and Warning System”

On October 30th, a patent was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Apple for its “Exterior Lighting and Warning System” which uses a lighting system to indicate warnings and information from the outside of a car. According to the claim of the patent, the vehicle lighting system is comprised with a control circuitry, one or more sensors and a light-based device. The sensor detects the distance in between cars and if it finds the following car is getting too close, the light-based device will display information accordingly. For example, the system could offer the following drivers the suggested distance to brake.

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(LED Inside, 02/11/2018)

LuxLive 18 is only one week away!

LuxLive 2018 is due to be the largest and busiest event of its series, with over 50% more visitors already registered to attend. LuxLive features eight inspiring FREE conference tracks and over 100 expert speakers, covering crucial topics including emergency lighting, safer cities, lighting for transport and infrastructure, workplace and wellbeing lighting and much more. LuxLive 2018 is due to be the largest and busiest event of its series, with over 50% more visitors already registered to attend. We’re excited to be visiting again at LiveLux event discussing current activity and providing our insight into the Lighting Industry recruitment market.

Are you attending too? Let us know so we can meet up and discuss your Lighting recruitment needs.

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(Lux Review)

LiveLux event discussing current activity and providing our insight into the Lighting Industry recruitment market. 


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