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This week in the Eligo technology news roundup, companies can no longer ignore the issue of mental health, a sexist Amazon AI tool gets shut down, Apple hires 300 engineers from UK supplier, 60% of IT security pro’s want to quit and Google+ for consumers is no more!
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Companies can’t afford to ignore mental health in the workplace

Mental health is the number one cause for sickness absence at work and one-fifth of workers believe that ‘powering through’ stress is part of organisational culture. Pushing aside and ignoring stress on a regular basis is not only bad for employees mental health it’s also detrimental to organisational culture. This week it was World Mental Health day, and with the economic and social cost of mental health problems in the UK amounting to more than £100bn every year and with around 70m work days lost due to sickness absence, companies can’t afford to ignore mental health issues in the workplace! Read about how to reduce stress and take care of your mental health at work here.

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(City.A.M) 10/10/2018


Amazon AI tool discriminates against women

An amazon Artificial Intelligence tool built to hire new employees has had to be shut down as the system discriminated against women. Engineers reportedly found the AI system unfavourable to female candidates because it had analysed and combed through male-dominated resumes to gather data.

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(UK Business Insider) 10/10/2018


Apple hires engineers from UK Supplier Dialog

Apple has announced that it will be adding 300 computer chip engineers to the company from one of its British suppliers, Dialog Semiconductor. Apple has struck a deal with the UK company, paying $300m (£227) for the acquisition. This will be one of Apple’s biggest takeovers in headcount terms.

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(BBC) 11/10/2018


Study finds 60% of IT security professionals want to quit 

According to tech recruiting company Mondo, 60% of IT security professionals are looking to quit their current roles due to job dissatisfaction and lack of growth opportunities. The survey gathered data from over 9000 IT security professionals, offering businesses a better insight in to how to retain and support current tech talent.

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(TechRepublic) 10/10/2018


Google announces new developer policies for safer data

As part of Google’s Project Strobe effort, an initiative to review third-party developer access to its services, the tech giant has decided to shut down Google+ for consumers. This is due to finding a bug within its Google+ People APIs, that granted users access to profile data and also gave apps access to data.

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(SD Times) 09/10/2018


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