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This week in tech news Apple, Google and Amazon top global brands list, Fit Bit data used to charge US man with murder, Amazon announces new minimum wage for US & UK workers, UK business emails could represent a major cybersecurity.
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Apple, Google and Amazon top global brands list

Interbrand’s ‘best global brands’ report has been released for the 6th year, outlining the top 100 best brands. This year Apple has retained its top spot, closely followed by Google and Amazon. It’s also good to see that British brands Jaguar Landover (78th), Mini (90th) and Burberry (94th) all featured in the top 100.

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(The Drum) 04/10/2018


Fit Bit data used to charge US man with murder

Fit Bit data has been used police in US, investigating if a 90-year-old man murdered his stepdaughter. Police identified that the fitness tracker the woman was wearing showed a significant spike in heart rate, followed by a rapid slowdown at the time her step-father was there.

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(BBC Tech) 04/10/2018


Amazon announces new minimum wage for US & UK workers

Amazon announced on Tuesday that they would be raising the minimum wage for all its US workers to $15 per hour, £10.50 for London and £9.50 for the rest of the UK. The change will take effect on November the 1st and this pay hike is likely to put pressure on competitors like Walmart which raised its minimum wage to $11 an hour in February.

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(The Register) 02/10/2018


UK Business emails could represent a major cybersecurity flaw

It has been revealed that business emails could represent a major security flaw for UK companies, due to millions of account details are openly available for purchase through criminal networks and on the dark web. Poor security practices such as not updating backups have left over 12m email archives and entire company inboxes, available to buy on these networks.
Click here to read more about UK business emails representing a major cybersecurity flaw
(City A.M) 04/10/2018



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