Lighting Industry News Round-up 28/09/2018


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This week in our Lighting industry news round-up we cover suppliers for a new LED lighting framework for NHS, innovative techniques that may bring OLED back to the architectural lighting sector and more…


Supplied revealed for a new LED lighting framework for NHS

The seven suppliers were unveiled today to the Essentia LED Lighting Framework, a structure linked to Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London. Any NHS Trust or public sector organisation will now be able to use the framework to procure public sector compliant suppliers for energy saving lighting projects. The framework guarantees that if the expected cost savings are not reached within the contract period, then the supplier will pay the difference. Suppliers have been appointed for up to four years after a rigorous selection process.

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(Lux Review, 26/09/2018)

Bringing OLED back from the brink in the architectural lighting market

Organic light emitting diodes have struggled to compete with standard LED panels for lighting in buildings, as their extra slimness can’t justify their much higher price. Instead, OLEDs have been used in electronic devices such as mobile phones and televisions. Now scientists at Brunel University London had discovered, that by introducing a number of innovative techniques, such as ‘printing’ some of the OLED’s layers onto flexible steel rather than the more traditional glass, and using a newly developed light extraction film to double the OLED’s illumination, the group achieved a potential cost of £1.07 (€1.20, US$1.4)  per 100 lumens – or a 92% reduction in cost.

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(Lux Review, 25/09/2018)

Modern smart lighting-based cities won’t be built in a day

Atlanta was piloting about 1000 wirelessly-controlled, sensor-equipped street lights in five pockets of the city. The idea was that the sensors would take note of things like traffic, crowds, crime including gunshots, air quality, and so forth. With the assistance of data analysis, the sensors would thus help the city figure out how to improve the likes of commuting, parking, public safety, and pollution. That was nearly two years ago, first announced in January of 2017 but the pilot is still ongoing and now collecting data. The idea seems to be progressing one step at a time, which is about what you might expect given not only technological and data-related challenges but also certain changes that have cropped up along the way.

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(Leds Magazine, 20/08/2018)

Acrobats aiming many of the 20,000 lights at the world’s biggest museum project

A fearless team of high-wire workmen flown in from Nepal to aim the lights onto the exhibits, with many of the ceilings in the six galleries having heights of 14m. Their job was to focus the spotlights precisely according to the instructions from the lighting designers. To build the mammoth 22,000 square metre project so quickly, the lighting design process was carried out backwards. The electrical contractor, SI, had to know where the fittings and the wiring was going to be to give them time to install it before Cultural Innovations, the designers, had designed the displays.

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(Lux Review, 24/09/2018)

UK industrial product manufacturers want continued regulatory alignment with the EU

The new industry survey has revealed, that UK industrial product manufacturers want continued regulatory alignment with the EU. Responding to a survey by the advisory body EURIS and independent experts at The UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO), 83% of industrial product manufacturers support continued regulatory alignment in order to remain competitive in a global market with respondents overwhelmingly saying they see no benefit in moving away from the EU regulatory system for industrial and manufactured products. UK companies told the survey that their supply chains have already been disrupted by post-referendum currency changes and that EU27 companies have started to select non-UK suppliers amidst the ongoing uncertainty of post-Brexit arrangements.

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(Lighting Industry Association, 11/09/2018)


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