Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 14/09/2018


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover shopping malls vulnerabilities and how to overcome them, demand for smart solutions for preventing electrical fires, benefits and challenges of blockchain in video surveillance & more…


Shopping mall vulnerabilities and how to overcome them

There has been an increase in the number of shootings in public areas. The issue is not limited to the U.S. or any particular region. Given the high number of people that visit such places every day and the value of assets in them, robust security systems are necessary to ensure normal operations. Malls, like any other high volume, concentrated gathering places, must consider themselves a common target for terrorist attacks.  Additionally, Given the large area of a shopping mall, it consumes a significant amount of electricity, and with flammable substances, chances of fire breakout that could lead to loss of assets and injuries to people are high. “Increasing visibility of security is key to better responding to emergencies and to ensure that customers and mall workers feel safe”.

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(, 12/09/2018)

Smart solutions that prevent electrical fires are in demand

Statistics show electrical fires cause over 1,300 injuries and 420 deaths in the per year in the USA only, with US$1.4 billion in associated residential property damage. As such, smart home solutions that can detect, prevent and protect against electrical fires have great appeal. Parks Associates evaluated consumer demand for solutions that can reduce the damage caused by different perils at home, and found that 18% of Broadband households consider solutions that can detect, prevent, or mitigate electrical wiring fires to be the most valuable use case for smart home, the second highest ranking among a long list of perils.

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(, 13/09/2018)

Developing an integrated retail security strategy

Regardless of the size of the retailer, there are many different technologies that can be used within a retail store to improve security and loss prevention. There are tremendous benefits to integrating security technologies and communications systems together, including enhancing overall safety and security, reducing shrink, and improving operations. Understanding current pain points within the stores and how integrated security solutions can address these is the key to implementing the best solution. Here are a few “hot spots” within a typical retail store that easily demonstrate the power of integrated solutions.

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(Security Informed, 12/09/2018)

Benefits and challenges of blockchain in video surveillance

The introduction of blockchain technology to reduce expenses and improve efficiency is one of the recent innovations proposed in video surveillance. The technology could be used for two things: building a decentralized infrastructure (so-called fog computing), which will meet the requirements of the facial recognition tasks, and receiving payments from customers, fixing orders in smart contracts and transferring payment to miners (participants of the company’s fog network, with whom it will sign up smart contracts). However, current classic infrastructure architecture can’t be used for providing the mass market solution – it is too costly.

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(, 11/09/2018)

Technology advancements are set to transform the transport industry

Command and control technology, connectivity and the cloud – the combination of these three technology advancements will enable operators to support the growing demand for safer, and more connected, passenger journeys. Capitalising on the opportunity that new technology presents will help transport operators improve safety, security and service efficiency, while also supporting the transition to seamless, multi-modal passenger travel. The global surveillance specialist will use InnoTrans 2018 ‒ taking place from 18-21 September in Berlin ‒ to explain the opportunities and migration path that operators can take advantage of to reach this reality.

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(Security News Desk, 11/09/2018)

Smart transport market is growing

The latest report by Marketsandmarkets predicts that the smart transportation market size will be worth be $75.00 billion in 2018 and expected to reach $149.21 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.7% during the forecast period. The major factors expected to drive the growth of the smart transportation market cited by the analysts include the rising urban population and high demographic rates, the growing adoption of connected and smart technologies in the transportation infrastructure, and the increase in free trade agreements. The airways segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

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(Security World Market, 13/09/2018)


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