Why we loved TPCiG 2018 and 3 reasons why you should attend next year


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Another year, another Perl Conference. It has been my sixth year attending and first-year co-organising The Perl Conference and this year’s TPCiG was just as enjoyable as previous.

TPCiG 2018 was held in the city of Glasgow and Perl Mongers, Developers, Administrators, Technical Managers and everyone interested in Perl showed up to discuss and celebrate all things Perl. By meeting old faces and new, the conference was never short of enthusiasm and positivity and I have come away from Glasgow with confidence in the strength of the Perl jobs market, with many opportunities out there for Perl developers looking for a change. After a great week spent at TPCiG, I am definitely looking forward to next year’s Perl conference in Riga!

It’s clear to see that the Perl community is one of the languages biggest assets. It’s often these events and the Perl community where you are reminded about the continual resilience and progress Perl holds and the sheer love and passion its users have for it.

Which is why I don’t really need to convince you to attend a Perl conference – but here are 3 reasons to convince even the biggest tech conference sceptics.



Continuous learning – (Great Perl talks!)

One of the best things about tech and Perl conferences is not only the chance to talk about Perl and its market with other like-minded people, but also the opportunity to learn new things about Perl through various talks and workshops.

Due to the vast schedule at The Perl Conference, you could be learning how to build a concurrent version control system, how to use databases in Perl 5 and how to write a Perl 6 module, to learning how to rescue a legacy codebase and how to become a CPAN contributor – the options are endless!

The benefits of attending these talks (and continuous learning in general) can help develop your personal skill set and your career in the long run, enabling you to adapt to changes in your job and in life!



Make new friends and connections

Perl conferences are fantastic places to network and there are plenty of opportunities to do so, from the pre-conference reception and the coffee breaks in-between to the Perl conference dinner. Not everyone attends Meetups with networking in mind, it just happens naturally.

networking at tpcig








My advice is to take full advantage of networking at The Perl Conferences, as it’s a great way to get yourself out there to meet future employers. It’s also a great way to interact with peers and recruiters in the Perl market. Not to mention, everyone is welcoming and it’s likely that you will make some friends for life!



Career and Market Advice

Another great part of The Perl Conferences and exhibitions is the abundance of Perl jobs and job market advice available. Be sure to take advantage of the free handouts from those exhibiting at The Perl Conference, aside from the usual free pens and notebooks, if you are searching for a job or open to new Perl jobs, there are also some great career advice documents on offer.

Wendy & Nick at TPCiGWendy and Nick enjoying the beer!

This year we were handing out branded Beer and Ale to attendees of the event, but we also had some great market advice documents – like The Perl Report.


So there you have it, 3 great reasons why you should attend a Perl conference! What else do you love about Perl conferences? Let me know – tweet me at @PerlRick!


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