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This week in the tech news roundup Tesla plans to open-source self-driving software, LinkedIn releases new data for recruiting machine learning talent, Australian 16-year-old pleads guilty to Apple Hack and A-level results show more students are passing exams in computing.
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Tesla plans to open source self-driving software

Tesla hopes to improve the industry’s standards for autonomous driving safety by making their self-driving software open source. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has often noted growing concerns over hackers getting access to Tesla’s software’s, and by making the software open source Tesla could be encouraging more discussion around the system’s flaws.

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(Interesting Engineering) 11/08/2018


LinkedIn releases new data for recruiting machine learning talent

With the rise in popularity of Artificial Intelligence, skills like machine learning and deep learning becoming more in demand and new data from LinkedIn show that recruiters are fighting to find the right talent. With Machine Learning as one of the most in-demand skills, it would seem everyone is competing for the same small talent pool. To help combat this and help weed out some of the competition, LinkedIn is providing three actionable insights and strategies for recruiting talent.

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(SD Times) 15/08/2018


Australian 16-year-old pleads guilty to Apple hack

A teenage boy from Australia has pleaded guilty to hacking Apple’s network and downloading internal files. Apple insists that no customer data was compromised and in a statement declared “ We vigilantly protect our networks and have dedicated teams of information security professionals that work to detect and respond to threats.

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(BBC News) 17/08/2018


A-Level results show more students are passing exams in computing

Great news for the computing and engineering sector; A-Level results released yesterday across the UK have revealed that thousands of more students are passing exams in computing. Computing (separate from ICT) is one of the top 10 fastest growing A-level subjects, with entries up by 23% from 2017.

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(TheRegister) 16/08/2018


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