Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 31/08/2018


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover issues related to installing CCTVs in taxis, why Smart Home solutions aren’t as easy as expected, a competitive market of AI Video Analytics & more…


Problems with CCTV in taxis

Taxi drivers and their passengers want to feel safe when travelling but at the same time they don’t what to feel spied on – there’s a balance to be struck between driver and passenger safety and a serious intrusion into their private lives. Home Secretary’s Surveillance Camera Code of Practice sets out the Government’s position here, namely that it is fully supportive of the use of surveillance cameras where there’s a legitimate aim and pressing need, where their use is proportionate and effective and where the use of surveillance cameras comply with all relevant legislation.

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(, 28/08/2018)

The past and the future of facial recognition

Facial recognition has a long history dating back to the 1800s. Advancements in artificial intelligence and biometric technology, including the development of Machine Learning capabilities, have led to increased accuracy, accessibility and the widespread use of computerized facial recognition. The significance of this means that facial recognition can occur on an even larger scale and in more challenging environments.

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(Security Informed, 30/08/2018)

Complexity of an “easy” Smart Home

The smart home promised to make our lives more straightforward. In reality, however, the smart home has become a minefield of complexity and compatibility issues. The first being which devices to choose from the wide variety of smart home products on the market. Going home with a variety of products from different manufacturers could be the beginning of the end for your smart home. Compatibility is a real problem in this highly fragmented market.

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(Memoori, 28/08/2018)

Competitive market of AI Video Analytics

Specialists from Memoori identified some 125 companies that are active in supplying appropriate semiconductor chips and AI video analytic software products. New companies are being added to this list almost weekly and although we cannot claim that it includes all suppliers it is probably today the most comprehensive listing on this subject. 35% of all the companies are based in the USA and include some of the largest and leading companies in the world, but the Chinese Government has publically announced that its strategy is to set out for worldwide dominance in AI technology. Its Internet giants are pouring money into AI research and hiring top data scientists.

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(Memoori, 27/08/2018)

Thermal Imaging technology in evolving market verticals

Global and domestic threats have highlighted the need for tighter security across all verticals. One of the technologies that has redefined situational awareness and intrusion detection is thermal imaging. Once a technology exclusively manufactured for the military operations, thermal cameras today are deployed across hundreds of security applications and continue to see strong demand in existing and emerging commercial markets. With thermal technology, security personnel can see in complete darkness as well as in light fog, smoke and rain.

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(Security Informed, 30/08/2018)

Security advise for first-time students

Over the next few weeks students across the country will be moving away from home for the first time to attend colleges and universities in new cities and towns. Their new living arrangements can present students with circumstances in which they are unsure how to navigate the social scene while protecting and defending themselves. “Most university campuses are incredibly safe and crime is relatively rare. We all know, however, that because of the college lifestyle of late nights and beverage consumption, students can be easy targets for petty crime and personal attacks”…

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(Professional Security Magazine, 31/08/2018)


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