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This week in tech news, UK ranks top for VC funding in Europe, AI is transforming tennis at Wimbledon, Kolin gains momentum but isnt a threat to Java yet, IT firms are tackling gender imbalance in tech, and UK engineers are set to build a new Mars rover in partnership with the Euorpean Space Agency.
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UK ranks top for VC funding in Europe

According to a report by KPMG, the UK has once again beat European counterparts in terms of attracting venture capital funding. According to the report ‘Venture Pulse Q2 2018’ VC investment in the UK grew stronger during Q2 of 2018, with an impressive 244 deals across businesses in all sectors (not just tech) in the UK.

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(UKTN) 12/07/2018


How is AI transforming tennis?

Some of the team were lucky to attend Wimbledon last week and catch a game on court 1! There is nothing better than watching it in real life but when it comes to watching it on the big screen, how is AI being used to highlight the best moments in the tournament, whilst helping the players to improve their game? Click BBC investigates.

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(BBC Tech) 10/07/2018


Kotlin gains momentum amongst Android but no threat to Java yet

Experts have found that Kotlin has gained ground with Android users, but despite predictions that Kotlin was set to be a serious contender for Java, it’s no threat for the top programming language just yet. One of the reasons is the amount of Kotlin developers out there according to Gartner Research VP Mark Driver “It’s of interest, it’s growing, but there are far fewer Kotlin developers than the noise would warrant”.

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(SDTimes) 10/07/2018


IT firms are tackling gender imbalance in tech

With technology companies realising that having a workforce that reflects their customers can be an asset, some of the biggest names in the industry are setting up graduate programmes to boost the decreasing number of women in tech roles.

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(The Guardian) 09/07/2018


UK engineers to build Mars rover with European Space Agency

This week a contract worth £3.9m was announced between the Aerospace company Airbus and the European Space Agency to develop a rover that will collect samples from the surface of Mars. The samples will be brought back to Earth to be analysed, a first for space exploration that could alter our knowledge of the red planet and outer space.

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(UKTN) 11/07/2018


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