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This week in tech news; Fewer people are using Facebook for news, UK Gov announces a £2.3bn investment in UK tech scene along with a new start-up visa to bring in global talent and Apple quietly banned developers from selling and sharing users’ contacts.
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Fewer people are using Facebook for news

In the 7th annual Digital News Report, it has suggested that with a rise in message apps gaining in popularity, fewer people are using Facebook to discover and discuss news. The report sought to explore how people accessed news around the world and said that the fall in users accessing news on Facebook reflected concerns about privacy and the toxic nature of debate.

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(BBC tech news) 14/06/2018


New start-up visas to bring top global talent to London’s tech scene

The UK continues to be the leading European destination for technology investment and with the tech sector continuing to forge ahead the home secretary announced that we will be creating a new startup visa route. This aims to make the the visa process faster and smoother for entrepreneurs coming to the UK.

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(CityAM) 14/06/2018


Government announces £2.3bn to boost UK tech scene

Speaking at a meeting with tech leaders during London Tech Week, Theresa May announced that the UK will receive a £2.3bn investment that could create 1,600 new tech jobs. The investment comes from US tech giants and venture capitalists such as cloud company Salesforce, which has pledged to invest £1.9bn in the UK over the next 5 years.

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(UKTN) 13/06/2018


Apple quietly banned developers from selling and sharing users’ contacts

Apple has quietly tightened its App Store rules to better protect users from developers who want to harvest their data or sell it to third parties. Before this change, developers would ask for users’ phone contacts and sometimes then sold that data without the explicit consent of the users or their contacts.

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(The Verge) 13/06/2018


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