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This week in tech news; Amazon is set to create 2,500 new jobs in the UK, the industry reacts to Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub, Apple jams Facebook’s web tracking tools, The UK wants to police social media with new ‘online safety’ laws and Apple is no longer building a data centre in Ireland.
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Amazon to create 2,500 new jobs in the UK

Amazon is doubling down on its investment as it announces it will be creating 2,500 new permanent jobs in the UK by the end of this year. The new hires will include software developers, engineers and technicians within development centres in Cambridge, Edinburgh and London. Chancellor Phillip Hammond has responded to the news calling it “a clear vote of confidence in our workforce and our economy.”

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(City.A.M) 06/06/2018



The industry reacts to Microsoft acquisition of GitHub

On Monday after days of speculation, it was confirmed that Microsoft would acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion. Since the news was announced a number of thought leaders have revealed their thoughts about the acquisition. Overall, it seems the majority of the industry agrees that this a natural fit for the two companies.

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(SD Times) 05/06/2018



Apple jams Facebook’s web tracking tools  

Apple has announced that it will be attempting to frustrate the tools used by Facebook that automatically track web users, within the next version of its iOS and Mac operating systems. Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook had previously described Facebook’s practices being an “invasion of privacy” and are now giving Apple users the choice to keep their information private or not.

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(BBC News) 04/06/2018



The UK wants to police social media with new ‘online safety’ laws

The UK wants to introduce new legislation that aims to curb a range of legal and illegal online harms, from cyberbullying to child sexual exploitation. This new set of online safety laws is the latest attempt of the Conservative Government to exercise more control over online spaces, with possible measures including fines for sites that don’t remove terrorist content fast enough and age verification of all social media platforms.

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(The Verge) 21/06/2018



Apple is no longer building data centre in Ireland

After three years of delays in approvals, Apple is scrapping its plans to build a $1 billion ($850 million) data centre in Ireland. In a statement to Reuters Apple said that “despite our best efforts, delays in the approval process have forced us to make other plans and we will not be able to move forward with the data centre.”

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(The Verge) 10/06/2018



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