Technology News Roundup 01/06/2018


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This week in tech news Uber gives rights to its drivers, iOS 12 will show users how much time spent on iPhone, Node.js sees strong growth in cloud applications and UK data watchdog seeks court warrant to search Cambridge Analytica.
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Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub

Microsoft has agreed to acquire GitHub, the world’s largest code repository that has become popular with developers and companies hosting their projects, documentation, and code. Apple, Amazon, Google, and many other big tech companies use GitHub. Microsoft has been rapidly investing in open source technology since Satya Nadella took over the CEO role.

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(The Verge) 03/05/2018


Uber gives drivers new rights and protections

Ride-hailing giant Uber has announced that it will be providing further rights to its European drivers, from medical cover to compensation. In attempts to win back its licence to operate in London, Uber will offer benefits such as sick pay and paternal leave. The free insurance “Partner Protection” will cover drivers who cannot work because of sickness, injury, caring for a baby or jury service.

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(BBC) 23/05/2018


iOS 12 will show how much time you’re spending on your iPhone

Apple is trying to help users balance tech and life. As part of the new iOS reveal on Monday the tech giant will be introducing a “Digital Health” area of the settings menu that will include a series of tools that will outline how we’re spending our time on our iPhones and iPads.

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(The Verge) 31/05/2018



Node.js sees strong growth in cloud applications

According to Node.js Foundation’s User Survey Report containers and cloud native applications are on the rise, with 58% of developers using Node.js to develop for Kubernetes and Docker. The survey was worldwide and took in responses of 1,600 Node.js users, with the results also revealing that development of web and enterprise applications are still the primary application of Node.js.

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(SD Times) 31/05/2018


UK data watchdog seeks court warrant to search Cambridge Analytica

Following the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal, the UK’s Information Commissioner is looking to get a court warrant to access and search the offices of Cambridge Analytica. The London based political consulting firm is accused of harvesting the personal data of 50 million Facebook users in a bid to influence the 2016 US general election, resulting in Donald Trump’s win.

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(UKTN) 20/03/2018


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